Sunday, January 29, 2006

Roland Topor For Oscar

Topor's Website & Topor's Blog, have fun!








Oscar Grillo said...

Bloody amazing!!!!...He drew some extraordinary pictures for Pinocchio.

Stef said...

I remember his work from when I was a kid in France, I didn't really like it at the time, I found his lines scary, and his work grew on me, funny to see his work here on your blog, I haven't seen anything from him for a long time.
One of my favorite French artist is Christophe Blain, don't know if you heard about him, his brush line and storis are amazing.

Process Junkie said...

Oscar: I haven't seen his Pinocchio, but I seen yours, which by the way is not too shabby.

Stef: I have always loved Topor's stuff because he is so clever and crazy, I've always admired artists who can draw academically sound and "accurate" but follow their gut instinct and let themselves go to strange worlds, knowledge is souch a hindrance sometimes, it could stop you from freeing your mind, Silvio Rodriguez said once: "I know too much, I've become what I've known" I think it's very difficult to forget what you know and let loose like that, I wish I could do that.

In my youth I did some crazy shit like that, and then I sold out to the man :)) I have them somewhere, might post them some day.

I have Isaac The Pirate #2 from Blain, , really beautiful stuff.

Stef said...

Oh great! there's another guy, French as well, called BLUTCH, have you heard about him? same kind of Artist, brilliant stories, I don't know if you can find his books in English.

Process Junkie said...

No, i haven't heard of him, I don't mind them books being in French, I can manage reading with some difficulty, I just can't speak it. Any album in particular you can recommend?

Rebekit said...
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Process Junkie said...

Thanks for the info, Stef, I just did a search and found a very nice website for Bofa's work HERE

Rebekit: You're such a pervert!

Sandra Khoo said...

Thats what I love about this place, I go away for a while and I come back...and already this place is loaded with great posts and images! Agreed, everyone loves it when a job goes as smoothly as that. WOO! Love it especially when you post up some more of your doodles. Can never get tired of them. Let's be having more of them. XD Is there a more masculine term for 'muse'? Coz thats how you inspire me to do better at the anatomy dept. Keep those babies coming,Alberto! ;)

REE said...

man, I love your blog!

itsmelvin said...

hey alberto, ran across your blog totally by accident, but i'll be checking back regularly. i am also working in nyc, but as a designer. although it was my once dream to be an underground cartoonist...sigh.

anyway, with regard to previous comments about crumb, i can see where folks are coming from, but i would say to keep going further back. like to crumb's inspiration. cross hatching has been around a long time, so that in itself does not make a drawing like crumb's. personally i thought there was a little basil wolverton in the mix. or the art from those old monster baseball cards?

either way, i dig your blog and the scribbles site.

Maddy said...

I love these sketches!

mantaux said...

en un anterior post (el del amigo orson)me dijiste q te gustaria ver mi version de él. Bien, no lo he exo, je! pero a cambio le he exo un dibujillo al doctor house de la serie del mismo nombre (no se como se llamara por alli) que es un tipo que me encanta.
para verlo tendras q pasarte por mi blog y dejar un comentario, claro...

FrogDaddy said...

ya know alberto?
can you keep that assface up there a little longer
at the top of your post? i don't think i 'll
ever get sick of seeing that...
thanks again-

Process Junkie said...

Sandrita: I'm nothing but your personal slave.

Tyree & Madelyn: Thanks for the nice comments.

Mantaux: Done! :)

FroggeryFrogg: I know just how much you love the 'Ass' that's why I left it there. By the way have you read Garth Ennis' "Preacher"? beautifully written book, you'd love it, there's a character in there somewhere named 'ArseFace"

It's Melvin: Absolutely correct! crosshatching dates back since the dawn of man, it's a natural tendency to represent things with lines even though there is no such a thing as line in nature, when you want to give the illusion of volume using lines of roughly the same weight and length, there's no other way.

I also think that piece owes more to Wolverton than anyone else.

We have to do lunch one of these days. Thanks for commenting.