Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jorge Ginès Part 3

More Toulouse-Lautrec antics by Gin.








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Oscar Grillo said...

Gin es como Gardel, del que dicen que cada dia canta mejor...Este hijunagransiete esta dibujando maravillosamente bien!!!!

Gin's drawings get better all the time!!!!

St John Street said...

man this artist work is awesome stuff so glad u shared it with us. hope all is well and thanks for stopping by it's really apprecaited that u took the time to come on by and comment on the work there. Yeah I have to keep improving my skillz if I'm ever to find work to feed the fam ya know what saying and I think u do. well take care hope to see more of your work posted soon

rubio2d said...

Qué bueno el Gin!!
Lleva razón Oscar, es como el buen vino..con los años mejora. El personaje de toulouse Lautrec es insuperable.
Pero qué bueno sigue siendo el cabronazo. Gin lives.

Uncle Phil said...

wow Alberto. This is some great stuff. Thanks for the introduction.

jumpman said...

All very beautiful. And wonderful to see you experimenting so much in your Scribblettes. Jarring, but incredible. It's amazing to see the ease with which you can completely reinterpret your own art.


Drawn From Life said...

This kats work is so inspiring does make me want to pick up some colour pencils and bust out so fly ladies. Love what your doing here man!!!

Process Junkie said...

Thank you, guys and girls for the love you have shown Gin, I hope more people in the world become aware of his talents.

Jumpman: Thanks, my good man. Just havin' fun.


william wray said...

These are great. Every short bearded little cartoonist must relate to them. My Cartoonist friend Arthur Filoy could have modeled for these.