Monday, January 09, 2006

Free Show Poster

Mujer Poster

Who says there's nothing free in this world?
Click to download and print it yourself. This is a print I'm making for a show of my drawings later this year.



manucha said...

Que linda. . .me encanta todo de ella!

Process Junkie said...

You must be in San Pedro:)

Thank you!


manucha said...


Virginia Valle said...

:) Muy lindo, me encantan los trazos ;). Gracias por ponerlo

Bill Morton said...

One of the absolute best in The wyahanga style man!

jumpman said...

Okay... so I'm dumb. :) I only just now got the 'wyahanga'/'wire hanger' thing!!!

Love the lines... especially the mouth, jaw and hair.

John Beatty said...

When and where is the show, Alberto?

Process Junkie said...

BigGuy: The show is months away, at the Brooklyn navy yard industrial area near the Con Edison plant, sometime in June I believe, I'm not the one organizing, a friend is, so I have no clue but I'll go along with it. I'll post the particulars when I get them.

I wasn't working on the actual poster for the show, I was just doodling an "Scribblette" last night and the idea occurred to me to use this image and pay tribute to Per Arnoldi at the same time, so I "inked it in Illustrator and there ya go, one less thing to worry about.

Jumpman: Shame on you! you ordered and paid for the book and you don't even know what the name means?.....sad, really sad. :)) Here's the "true" story on WYAHANGA

Bill & Virginia: Thank you, girls!

jumpman said...

What can I say. The shame near kills me!! :) I thought it was some Spanish mythological word (even if it did sound North American!). Or, you know, I projected my own fantasies and thought it was the name of some amazing femme fatale character you'd come up with, who has flame red hair, smells like vanilla and who would as soon as break your arm in three places (in one well-placed strike) as give you the most amazing night of your life.