Saturday, January 28, 2006

Crosshatching Fools For Justin

You all say you can see Crumb, I don't think so. I love Crumb, but my inspiration for those old inked doodles came from different sources, way too numerous to mention because there have been many, great inkers (and I don't mean comic book tracers either) my first and most beloved of all: Albretch Dürer, or how I like to call him: Alberto Durero. the first graphic designer ever, no one comes close to him, no one!, Ya better recognize, bitches!!...sorry, I get very emotional when I think of Alberto.

The following pieces are great examples of crosshatching done right.

Arturo Kemchs

Arturo Kemchs Dávila is an award winning political cartoonist from Mexico City, famous the world over except for the U.S., I think you can clearly see why.




Ron Cobb
An amazing draughtsman with a fierce imagination, he worked on the first "Star Wars" designing monsters; later, as one of the main designers and concept artists on both "Alien" and "Conan The Barbarian".


Claude Serre
Master of crosshatching and of morbid humor, born in France in 1938, died in 1998.






Rebekit said...

holy cannoli!

amazing crosshatching done right. This reminds me of a project in college where the class had to turn in a 20x30" crosshated piece.
The class could have truly used a helping hand from those artists you posted.

BTW ur last three posted Scribibblets are amongst my favorites

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Alberto -
Awesome examples! I'd never seen that Tiny Tim Cobb illo - absolutely amazing...and I'd never heard of the other two guys, so you've opened my eyes. And, I agree..Durer (or Durero!) was one of the best of all times...and to think most of his well known drawings were etchings!

Process Junkie said...

Yeah, that is true, he was a master engraver, among a million other things. My personal favorites are the silverpoint drawings.

Thanks for popping by, guys.

jumpman said...

Double what Rebekit said, on both the crosshatching and (especially) the Scribblettes! Gun work!

Oscar Grillo said...

Excelente, Process!...I think you can also show some of the work of Roland Topor to "la gilada"!

Process Junkie said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Oscar, Topor has his own blog, believe it or not click HERE Or go to his crazy site: HERE

Alina Chau said...

WOW! very interesting illustrates!

wcr1 said...

Is Cobb still around? I remember him from the L.A. Free Press(!).

Process Junkie said...

You're correct, Sir, he an editorial cartoonist there for a while, that "Foreign Aid" piece is from that period.

Nice to hear from you, Bill!

Joan said...

I've always loved drawing with crosshatched textures and it's a pleasure to see some examples here.

If you wish to see another example, take a look at this cat drawing.

Process Junkie said...

Thanks for sharing that cat Joan. Sorry for the late reply.

Anonymous said...

the pieces u did r awsome