Tuesday, December 27, 2005

T Shirts and Condoms Update

Finally, the "T" shirts are here, they arrived right before Xmas, many thanks to my friend John Beatty for all his help in making this project a reality, I experienced some difficulty attempting to get them things done locally at the beginning but now all is good in the world! Unfortunately some of you did not get them in time for Xmas, although I believe some did.

I've been sending them out as gifts to all of you who have supported my endeavors, past and present so if your package was delayed, this was the reason why, I hope you have received yours by now, if you haven't yet, you will most certainly get it within this week since I sent most of the packages via priority mail in the US and Air Mail outside of the country (the least I could do after making you wait for so long).

I'm happy to announce I caught up with all the orders, email me if you have not received your book(s) or art by the end of this week. Thank you so much for your patience and support.

Again, if you've bought over 50 bucks worth of stuff from my online store in the past year and you haven't received your shirt, send me an email and your current mailing address I'll see that you get one, I'll take care of postage. (until supplies last)

The shirts are not for sale to the general public so I won't put them up in the "online store", however, if you haven't bought anything and you'd still like to buy one, send me a personal email and we'll work something out. The tees are heavyweight, preshrunk 100% cotton, light gray fabric with silkscreened (not iron-on Cafe Press garbage) gray front logo and gray and black image back. -God, I sound like a TV commercial :(

Sorry, no condoms yet.

Happy New Year, everybody!!



El editor said...

Muy buena la T shirt, la combinación del 5 y el "one-line bien trazado" me encantó. Salud!

Process Junkie said...

Gracias Rubén, por cierto haces un tremendo trabajo manteniendo el blog de Grillo y sus creaciones, que impresionante legado!! Acaso ese hombre no duerme? :) Envíame tu dirección postal y te haré llegar una T shirt.

Un abrazo,

El editor said...

Salúd Alberto !,
Aprecio enormemente tu generosidad!!!
No era mi intención que mis saludos se transformaran en -como decimos aquí en Rosario, Argentina- "un mangazo" encubierto. Desde ya que será un placer, pero si estás de acuerdo te mandaré un CD que he grabado no hace mucho para que hagamos un afectuoso intercambio.
Tus dibujos de mujeres son excelentes y para mi representan una vista actualizada de recuerdos que tengo de dibujos hechos por veteranos y excelentes dibujantes argentinos.
Ah.., y también leo tus interesantes notas... "Homeland Insecurity" es un clásico bien escrito sobre una experiencia por la que muchos pasaron.
En cuanto al trabajo con el blog de Oscar Grillo, se me ocurrió hace 10 meses, hice una prueba, me gustó; se la mandé y le gustó a Oscar. Es un placer y mucho más viendo la cantidad de grandes artistas desparramados por el mundo que voy conociendo, como es tu caso.
Va intercambio de direcciones postales por e-mail.
2 abrazos,

John Beatty said...


Good stuff, Alberto!

BTW...your blog has been crashing my Firefox browser...don't know if it's the radio.blog feature or something else...but I finally got on!

Nice thing you're doing with those Tees!

They look so kool too...


Process Junkie said...

Gracias mil, El Chivo, tu paquete sale este Viernes,

BigGuyMust be all that positive energy I have now after sleeping for 13 straight hours, heh, heh! Get a Mac already!!


JBeatty said...

I think it's a browser issue...it opens fine on IE but I prefer using Firefox...better browser!

MegaCon will be here sooner than we think! Looking forward to it!

John Beatty said...

ACK! Put in my other user name!


Ale said...

I love the T-Shirt logo.
The way you work with the lines to create forms is really really wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the t-shirt... it was an unexpected, but welcome surprise with your great book. Still eagerly awaiting the original art I ordered as well, and well worth the wait.

Process Junkie said...

I have tracking info on the package, check your email :)