Thursday, December 29, 2005


For my good friend, the extraordinarily talented Jason Pearson, I told him I would do something for his new Body Bags book, I bought the original book a few years back, before I met him (one of the few comics I have ever purchased) I thought then as I do now that "Father's Day" is one of the best comics ever, and I'm a very picky mofo! His characters are well crafted and consequential, Panda is sure an unforgettable design. I haven't shown these to him yet, I think I'll wait until I finish it, it ocurred to me to also make it a topic for my DRAW! Magazine column, I'm running out of ideas for these articles, we'll see.


Charles said...

WHOOOOHOOOO!~!~! That's an awesome
Panda you drew, buddy!!! i'm sure Jason
will be pleased; i know i dig it!!!

Process Junkie said...

He may hate it, who knows?

Thanks for the comment, Chuck.


Craig said...

Panda and Alberto... Yeah! That's a natural!

John Beatty said...

That is a sweet one Alberto!

Does it go to color?

Process Junkie said...

Thaanks Craig, John. Yeah, I'm coloring that one, don't know how yet, but I'll figure something out :)

Sanvi said...

Buenisimo, Alberto. Great stuff.
Feliz año nuevo, man.

Process Junkie said...

Igual, te deseo un muy, pero muy próspero 2006, salúdame a ese grupo de amigos tuyos allá en la Madre Patria, son una caterva de super talentosos, los envidio con cariño, A vuestra Salúd!!