Thursday, December 29, 2005


For my good friend, the extraordinarily talented Jason Pearson, I told him I would do something for his new Body Bags book, I bought the original book a few years back, before I met him (one of the few comics I have ever purchased) I thought then as I do now that "Father's Day" is one of the best comics ever, and I'm a very picky mofo! His characters are well crafted and consequential, Panda is sure an unforgettable design. I haven't shown these to him yet, I think I'll wait until I finish it, it ocurred to me to also make it a topic for my DRAW! Magazine column, I'm running out of ideas for these articles, we'll see.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

T Shirts and Condoms Update

Finally, the "T" shirts are here, they arrived right before Xmas, many thanks to my friend John Beatty for all his help in making this project a reality, I experienced some difficulty attempting to get them things done locally at the beginning but now all is good in the world! Unfortunately some of you did not get them in time for Xmas, although I believe some did.

I've been sending them out as gifts to all of you who have supported my endeavors, past and present so if your package was delayed, this was the reason why, I hope you have received yours by now, if you haven't yet, you will most certainly get it within this week since I sent most of the packages via priority mail in the US and Air Mail outside of the country (the least I could do after making you wait for so long).

I'm happy to announce I caught up with all the orders, email me if you have not received your book(s) or art by the end of this week. Thank you so much for your patience and support.

Again, if you've bought over 50 bucks worth of stuff from my online store in the past year and you haven't received your shirt, send me an email and your current mailing address I'll see that you get one, I'll take care of postage. (until supplies last)

The shirts are not for sale to the general public so I won't put them up in the "online store", however, if you haven't bought anything and you'd still like to buy one, send me a personal email and we'll work something out. The tees are heavyweight, preshrunk 100% cotton, light gray fabric with silkscreened (not iron-on Cafe Press garbage) gray front logo and gray and black image back. -God, I sound like a TV commercial :(

Sorry, no condoms yet.

Happy New Year, everybody!!


Friday, December 16, 2005

The Year In Review


My best wishes to all of you out there, as these over commercialized holidays are upon us. I am going to take a break from the blog until the 26th, the scribblettes will continue non-stop on a daily basis, now allow me to reflect on this past year and what lies ahead. (I smell a long tirade coming)

This has been an amazing year for me in more ways than one. If self expression is the ultimate goal of any artist, this blog is my broadcast station for that expression, to the world outside of my filthy basement. Ideally the artist does what he/she does for his/her own fulfillment and personal growth but can always benefit from having a receptive audience, I remain extremely grateful for your patronage and attention, you are the best audience I could ever hope to have because most of you are artists or art students. I have already made my resolution for 2006, that is to draw more and to enjoy life, music and art to the fullest without hurting myself or others in the process, not an easy task let me assure you.

Thank you once more for buying the books, for visiting me at the conventions, for reading my stupid rants and for looking at my dooddles here, on this blog. Being an independent artist is very rewarding but never easy; to be able to open my big mouth and say: "Fuck you, I'm doing what I want" is a beautiful thing that comes at a cost, (as anything worth owning does) I'm the furthest thing from a martyr, I don't suffer for my art enough, but people connected to me sometimes have to endure unnecessary crap. It would stand to reason that everyone with half an original thought should be allowed the freedom to create on his/her own terms and to share his/her creations with the world but society has different plans, the younger you are, the harder it is to "do what you want" and make an honest living from it, don't be discouraged though, this may sound like an old cliché because it is, you may need to suck on the corporate tit, that is understandable, I will never begrudge anybody for procuring a better life for themselves but do take care of your personal projects as well, don't neglect the stuff that you feel passionate about, don't let them classify you and label you this or the other, if you seek artistic independence be prepared to pay the cost that financial independence unjustly demands of you, don't become a fanboy, a celebrity watcher, make ART the celebrity, make ART your supreme reality, set aside time to do what you truly want, explore, take pride and rejoice in the fact that you are an ARTIST, you are different than the average Joe, you've been given the greatest gift of all: to be able to see and experience things in a different way, YOUR WAY. (end of rant)

Have a fantastic and prosperous new year, and for god's sake sketch daily, it's good for you!

Feliz Navidad a todos y a todos, buenas noches.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Daily Monigote

Does the world need yet another blog featuring naked or semi-naked cartoon females?
I'm afraid the answer is YES!

Starting today I'm posting one sketch per day for the rest of my natural life (or until I get tired) I have created a blog called "Scribblettes" for just that purpose, I will continue to post art and rantings here as usual but the roughs, messed up, experimental crap will be shown there. I'm doing this to force myself to draw something each and every day. You can check the "One -A-Day Scribblette" at:

1.- Doll, puppet or grotesque figurine: "They pinned a monigote on his back on April fools".

2.- Human or animal figurine, painted, drawn or made from any type of material, usually created for fun: "The child drew two monigotes and he said those were his parents".

3.- Person deemed insignificant, either physically or morally: "And who do these monigotes think they are to order me around?", a person with very low self esteem, easily manipulated by others: "You're nothing but a pathetic and worthless monigote, you make me sick!".

4.- Small child: "Let's see, monigote: what do you want me to draw for you?"

NOTE: It's also used as a term of endearment: "These monigotes are so cute!"


Tuesday, December 06, 2005