Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Still Ill

I am so very sick, please feel pity for me and wish me well, the world needs more drawings of scantly-clad cartoon females.



Anonymous said...

Get well soon, pal. Sleep well and for long hours, that will cure you.

john lurker

manucha said...

"YES. . .YES. . YES. . .we must have you get better ASAP for I need my cartoon woman fix, I just can't, just can't do with-out!

Though I'd like to add to John's list of recommendations, if you don't mind, plenty and I mean plenty, a lot more than usual. . . let's say it together now, "liquids", perferrably carbonated water, yes carbonated in this case, of course normally water helps flush the body of the impurties that are built-up. And I can imagine the the built-up of impurties that your body have stuck trying to find a way to flush out. :)

Oh and by the way, I hope you get better soon, I hope really soon for I just might have to hit up another site for my fix.

smiles are good too, sending one your way!

GRODZ! said...

Man stop your Bitchn and, get your ass up...Just kidding. Feel better. Come back with some more I'll matic cartoon's


Process Junkie said...

No really, I am dying!! how could you be so insensitive and callous? shame on.. cough, cough!!...sniff...cough! ..you, 4graffncomicsnsuch.

I need more pity and sympathy and some prayers would be OK too I guess. Perhaps if you'd send me some cash and a bottle of Herradura I just might feel a wee bit better..cough, cough...

"...'lizbeth, I'm coming to join you, honey!"

Craig said...


You can be sick, but you can not die. I mean, how could you die without hearing Beatty "do" Elvis??

Get well soon, friend!


Lou Mareno said...

Hey Doc ...you get better now...and take it easy ok...see you in Feb....Lou

Rebekit said...
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John Beatty said...

Pep up there buddy!

Nice drawing for a sick man.

I got the "blank" shirts and will get them printed after the Holiday!

The Original Dangster said...

Dang, it sucks to be sick, but you still do SICK drawings, even when your sick..That's just plain sick!

Dr. Dang says draw four boobies and call me in the morning!.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon!!!
Too much of that "tostito and corona diet" me thinks :)

Mike Feeney

St John Street said...

nicely done

Sandra Khoo said...

Hope you'll feel better soon,Alberto! Eat more,that always helps me.XD

Uncle Phil said...

ugh, being sick sucks. get well.

AcidBurn said...

HI!!I'm an italian webdesigner and illustrator..i like very much your works!!You rocks!!

ciao ciao

ven said...

Yes, the world is always in need of beautiful scantily-clad women's drawings, so I hope you get well soon...


Atomic Bombshell said...

They say the best way to get well is to drink a lot of fluids. Maybe we can liquify your Thanksgiving feast or something... Or maybe not, that sounds nasty. Hope you feel better soon.

spundman said...
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rajesh said...

I prayed for you to get better. Did it work?

If not, someone owes me a soul....goddammit.

antonio said...

Recover soon my friend!!


Process Junkie said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone. Feeling a lot better these days, don't worry much, I ain't going down that easy, after all the sins I've committed there's a good chance I'll suffer a slow and painful death.

Your prayers did work, Rajesh, you're still going to hell :)

You're supposed to treat your body like a temple, I have been treating mine like an amusement park so I'm not surprised one bit, I guess it was just a matter of time for the imminent breakdown, funny how an otherwise harmless common cold turns real ugly when you get past your prime. One good thing about being sick is that I lost the pounds I gained during my trips to Nashua and Texas, the bad thing is I'll gain all that weight back and more once Xmas comes around.

Craig and Lou: I'll see you both in Orlando in a couple of months, I have that thing I promised you last year, Lou ;)

Thank you Baby Jesus:

Atomic Bombshell: Turkey juice? great idea, sounds like a new Snapple™ flavor.

BigGuy: Can't wait to see the shirts, thanks!

The Original Dangster: You're the one who's sick, ya pervert! :D Thanks, Mr. D!

Sandrita Khook: I don't want to see any more food for the rest of my life! that's part of what made me sick to begin with. I'll only eat if you cook:)

Uncle Phil: Look who decided to show up!!
none other than America's favorite uncle, what a great surprise, I started to wonder what the hell happened to you. Thank you, Phil, nice blog BTW!

Mke Feeney: "Correct as usual, King Friday" :)

Thanks also to Acid Burn, st. john street and Ven:


Process Junkie said...

Spundman: Gracias, por tus comentarios y por el enlace, me encantó el arte de Jordi.


Anonymous said...

..and where's your thanks to me, you unmannerful fellow? I was the first one to wish you health!!
Now that you're back, post some.

John Lurker

Anonymous said...

post some drawings, I mean...:)

Process Junkie said...

Sorry, John& Manucha, sometimes you ignore the ones you love, they're always there for you so you take 'em for granted, that's just basic human behavior (at least that'smy poor excuse for absent-mindedness ;)

I'll be posting soon. Thanks again, EVERYONE.


Kristen McCabe said...

Glad to see your feeling better, Alberto. I was just about to send you some chicken soup via internet...if that's possible. Now post some drawings of scantly-clad cartoon females!! Now I say!.... (makes whip-slash noise) :)

spundman said...

Great, great men!!!!!!
Impresionante como juegas con las distintas formas y lineas XDDD
Tengo predilección por como dibujas las caderas y hombros maestro ;D

Patrick Morgan said...

Your as inspirational as ever my friend. Hope you are well

JOSE LOPEZ said...

Alberto! Espero te hallas tomado un tesito especial, tu sabes! esos del old country que curan todos los males. Hope you're doing better now!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you get the greeting cards i sent your way?


Process Junkie said...

I started to feel better 2 days ago but I think I may have spoken too soon, right after my last comment, I went back to feeling like shit, the next day I spent in a zombie-like state with diarrhea, fever and bone ache.

Maybe it's something different from the original virus or whatever it was that I experienced first, I'm slowly recuperating now, I must be ok for tomorrow I have a live sketching session with a gorgeous burlesque star, the lovely and talented Gigi LaFemme, I certainly wouldn't want to vomit all over her soft and naked body, that would not be gentleman-like.

Thanks for the nice comments and warm wishes, as always.

Kristen Thank you for the virtual chicken soup.

José López: I drank a combination of "Manzanilla", "Tilo" and "Yerba Luisa" teas, mixed some "Uña de Gato", canela and "Buena Yerba" in there for good measure, if that doesn't cure me, call padre Alejo, I have a confession to make before I kick the bucket.

Patrick Morgan (no relation to Captain Morgan™): Thanks P. the feeling is mutual.

Spundman: Je, je! los hombros y las caderas de una mujer son las partes más divinas y difíciles para mi, es donde pierdo el sueño, cuando esas partes funcionan en el dibujo (como dicen los cubanos) el resto no es na' :D

JL: John Lennon?. . . . is that you? shit, I thought you wuz dead!! No, I haven't received any cards, John, maybe Yoko has them.

Next time sign your complete name, fool!
A very important man like myself has many friends and associates with those same initials, you should know better, Justin...I mean, Jamie..or whatever! :)

To all of those peeps who haven't received your books, I want you to know that I'm working feverishly on your orders and they all will leave my hands before this week is done -if they're not on their way to you already - I put a little extra there as I do everytime I fuck up an order, thank you for your understanding, you will be rewarded for your patience.

My good friend BigGuy is helping me print the T shirts, I'm confident they will come out nice.


Anonymous said...

JL=John Lurker, but i don mind at all to be mistaken for JL...:)
i sent a few Sokol scans your way by e-mail on monday tomake you go...sorry to hear about the relapse...take care or more scans willbe on the way...

Bebe_Vilain said...

Feeling any better yet?

The Hen said...

dude, just have chicken soup and corona and all will be well

donnachada said...

Well, maybe just the Corona. Sounds like you are on the mend. Get well my friend.

Melminda said...

Well wishes and butterfly kisses to you!!!