Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sittin' In Texas

For this very special occasion, I'm sharing tables and chairs with my good friend, the talented Henry R. Frew, If you're heading to Arlington for the Wizard World Show and wish to visit us, we will be sitting at table 2051 A&B in the artist alley area. I don't believe we're listed on the website, not sure about the printed program either (such is my luck).

See you there!



John Beatty said...

Hey...I see you are now listed for MegaCon!

Did you get my email?

Looking forward to sharing the table and having a good time.

manucha said...

Te olividastes de la hermosa
"Queen of Tejano"
cantando Juan Gabriel's temas
"Ya Lo Se Que Tu Te Vas" y
"Costumbres". . . I'd like to see a drawing of the hour-glass figure of SELENA.

Process Junkie said...

Manucha: I didn't forget, actually I ran out of room, "costumbres" yeah, that's it!, next time"

BigGuy: Got your email, thanks! Hey I just saw John H. wearing the BigGuy grey T shirt, pretty funny, he brought me 2 bars of Cadbury chocolate, what a riot!


John Beatty said...


I'll hook you up with a shirt!

LMK, what size you need?

rubio2d said...

great great great!
You're the new pin-up man!
Ab-so-lut-ly fantastic work (as usual)

jesshickman said...

*joyful screams*
Grant gave me the drawing you did for me this past weekend at Wizard World Texas. I love it!! It's gorgeous! I can't thank you enough...but I'll try: thank you thank you thank you!

Process Junkie said...

keep it in your pants, lady! :)

My pleasure, it was actually an unfinished experiment gone wrong but that's all I had at the moment, I'm glad you like, bring it next year I'll fix and finish it for ya.

See you guys in 2006.

BigGuy: I take large, thank you.

Rubio: Sing to the Eagles' "New Kid in Town"
"They will never forget me 'til the next pin-up man comes along".

Thanks, anyway :).

donnachada said...

Hey Alberto,
just got back and just received your books in the mail. I have to say, I'm completely stunned.
I love all the works, but I especially like the Wyahanga book. So much vital line work. So expressive. Thanks for the inspiration. I'll be constantly looking at all these books. You certainly set the bar high my friend.
By the way, thanks for the link. I'm humbled. I wasn't expecting that.
Cheers man. I owe you a Corona.

The Hen said...

Alberto, you are too kind my friend. Texas was awesome! I learned a lot and had a fantastic time. If you ever want to share a table and room again I'd be honored.

The Original Dangster said...

DANG Dude, that is some KICK ASS work...I mean ya got the chick, the gunz..All ya need is two lines of blow and it's classic!

Sandra Khoo said...

Have a great time there! ^^ Dang,I'm missing on all the action!

Process Junkie said...

donnachada: No, thank YOU for buying all the books at once, I have enough money now to buy myself a few cases of corona, you owe me nothing :)

Sorry I misspelled your name in one or two of the books, thanks again for your support.

The Original Dangster: I draw the girls you provide the blow:). You are funny as hell, I love your blog!!

Sandra Khoo: What's wrong with you, woman! I'm already back from the trip, pay more attention next time! :)

Process Junkie said...

The Hen: Hey Henry!!
I 'm glad you enjoyed the Texas trip, that WAS more fun than I thought was possible, even for my own standards.

I haven't planned that far in advance but we'll get together next year for sure. It was great having you as a roomie, sorry you had to watch me have sex with those 2 Cowboys' cheerleaders, my manners are atrocious, I had no clue you'd be back from the party so soon, I would have asked you to join in but it would have cost me double the money, I'm sure you'd understand.

Have a great time at the Mid-Ohio, chances are I won't be able to make it.


Sandra Khoo said...


Process Junkie said...

Don't cry Sandra, I'll be visiting Malaysia one of these days. You and I can have our own little private comics convention.