Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pihsrow Lived!


The End Is Near, Dear
Don't look now, but
there's a deer
'round your rear, but
Have no fear,
Babyman™ is here!
. . . ain't it clear?

-Norman Lear

This year is coming to an end, sadly, so is the comic convention season, at least for me.

The 2005 Alberto's "13-City Babyman's Cooler Tour" would have pillaged and raped at least 13 american cities before taking a well deserved 2 month hiatus. New Hampshire's Nashua ComiCon (October 29th & 30th) and The Texas Wizard World Show, in beautiful Arlington (November 4th-6th) will be the last 2 scheduled concerts.

The Nashua show seems very promising, for one, the spectacle of the foliage at this time of year in the New England area is just awe-inspiring and as sure as the babymen's shorts turning from GreenLantern™-green to UPS-brown, you can bet your action-figure collection, there will be drinking, lewd and obnoxious behavior and fat guys in red & blue tights.

It will be my first time in Texas and I am so looking forward to a fun time, gorgeous Texanas and great food in the land of ten-gallon hats and bow legged cowpeople. . . and.. oh, yeah!...the comic book convention thingy as well. :)



manucha said...

It pleases me to see how well you draw the complexity of the anatomy . The sitting definitions of the pelvic region and details on the hip/thigh musculature is very good, quite realistic. There is a feel of movement and a sensation of wanting to see her move to the next position. I observe myself feel captivated by the piece. Another thing I notice is how my mind overlooks the general blue pencil lining and imagines her in color. If there was anything I'd comment on in a bothered tone, it would be on the nose, in my view it's a bit stuck-up in the air. :) Though it may go with the imagined personality of the character. That's all folks.

rajesh said...

the return of the doc? hurray!

Process Junkie said...

Thank you Rajesh and thank you Manucha your respective checks are in the mail:)


manucha said...


Desnuda eres tan simple como una de tus manos:
lisa, terrestre, mínima, redonda, transparente.
Tienes líneas de luna, caminos de manzana.
Desnuda eres delgada como el trigo desnudo.

Desnuda eres azul como la noche en Cuba:
tienes enredaderas y estrellas en el pelo.
Desnuda eres redonda y amarilla
como el verano en una iglesia de oro.

Desnuda eres pequeña como una de tus uñas:
curva, sutil, rosada hasta que nace el día
y te metes en el subterráneo del mundo

como en un largo túnel de trajes y trabajos:
tu claridad se apaga, se viste, se deshoja
y otra vez vuelve a ser una mano desnuda.

-Pablo Neruda

Process Junkie said...

One of my old time favorites from Neruda, that one was featured in the great movie "Il Postino", I posted the engish translation for sonnet XXVII here:

Thanks for sharing.


PaulSketch said...

I love to see rough blue pencil sketches, thanks for posting them

Katie said...

The drawings on your blog are completely amazing. I'm always floored when you post something new!

emceeONE said...

Well, I've gotta say your works inspired me to take up life drawing.

Perhaps inspired is not the right word. Forced. I want to be better than you (no offense) and I that'll probably never happen if I don't start drawing from life (along with a bunch of other things, but I need to start somewhere).

Any tips on drawing the reclining figure? :D


Process Junkie said...

Paulsketch: I'm glad you like blue 'cause I just ran out of red pencils and blue is all you're going to get for a while :)

Katie: Thank you Miss Rice, I appreciate your comments very much.

MC1: Here's a tip: Recline the figure, then draw it several times! :)

You don't need any tips, just draw until your arm falls off. Thanks for the nice comments, I get the feeling you draw better than me already.


emceeONE said...

>>I get the feeling you draw better than me already.

I recognize sabotage when I see it. lol.

John H. said...


You're NOT on the Wizard World Texas Artist Alley list.

See you in Arlington

Process Junkie said...

John: I'm not surprised one bit, such is my luck. My friend Henry is taking care of the listing issue, hopefully we'll soon appear on the roster.

I WILL see you there for sure! we'll be at table 2051 A & B

Bruno Werneck said...

so what is this here?
the mathetical formula for hotness?

let me go back to my scientific calculator and see if I figure this out...

nice work :)

Process Junkie said...

Bruno: I'm afraid that's no formula, just gibberish. thank you, tho :)