Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Town Of Salsipuedes

Cover for sketchbook 6 (formerly known as "30 Mujeres")
as well as the topic for the newest DRAW! Magazine article.

I'll see you in Baltimore!

Salsipuedes, CA



John Beatty said...


The table is booked for MegaCon, Alberto!

Talk to ya-

Process Junkie said...

did you get the book?

Vanoni! said...

There are a small handfull of artists I admire because they always appear to be exploring
You sir, are one of those artists.

John Beatty said...

No book yet!

I'll let you know when it arrives.

emceeONE said...

I like that your finished work is nothing like your sketches in that they could both be finished work.

that made more sense in my head.

Alina Chau said...

Nice interesting blog!! :)

Process Junkie said...

Thanks Mr.C. muy obligado!

MC1: It makes plenty sense to me as well.

Alina: Gracias señorita Chau, su blog es muy bonito también.


Anonymous said...

oye amgio! como estas eh?

cant wait to save up a little cash for your new sketchbook, the cover looks delicious!!

keep it coming man!

John Beatty said...

NEVER SAY NEVER! One of my all time fav's from the 80's...the bass line is hot.

I wore that piece of vynl out like an old pair of "caprice" shoes! :)

Loving the 80's >-:]

Process Junkie said...

Hey there Galvo!!
I had no clue you designed the Artxilla guys' website, good job! Say hi to those petty criminals for me, I didn't see them at the Baltimore Con.

Big Guy: Yeah, that is one super classic tune. Great poetry there, the first time I heard that song I thought she said "I might like you dead if we slept together"