Thursday, September 29, 2005

One For the Road

Spaghetti Hair

I wanted to squeeze one more post in, before I hit the road tonight, see you in Boston.



Sandra Khoo said...

WOW! She's gorgeous! Was she based on an actual person or just out of your imagination? WOOHOOO!Absolutely fabulous artworks as usual! ^^

John Beatty said...

I'm agree with Sandra...she's beautiful!

Have fun in Boston!

spundman said...

Eres acojonante Alberto, soy admirador tuyo desde hace años.
Y viendo tus lapices y el estilazo que tienes, todavia te admiro mas!!!
Eres un Master!! XDDD

edinho said...

seu trabalho é MUITO BOM parabéns Alberto.

Vanoni! said...

I love it.
Something I notice is the proportions are slightly less than perfect - but I don't mind at all. Maybe it's because people aren't perfect. I know I'm not. :)

And that hair! - do you have a habit you fall into when contructing hair, or do you just meander around with the pencil?

– C

wcr1 said...

Ditto Corkbutt, esp. about the hair.

I'm still waiting for that long-promised L.A.-area workshop, now fading into the land of What Might Have Been.

In general, I (and surely others) am interested in your thoughts on technique in drawing.


Stef said...

I've been to Boston last August and I loved it! Hope you'll have fun over there!
Great drawing by the way!

Kristen McCabe said...

YOWZA! She's gorgeous! Gotta love the mole!

Process Junkie said...

Sandra: Both.

BigBeatty, Kristen:Thanks, guys.

Stef: Boston is just a gorgeous city, your drawings really did it justice.

Vanoni!: "do you have a habit you fall into when contructing hair, or do you just meander around with the pencil?"

I try to avoid falling into any sort of pattern, (proportions, hair, body types or facial features) obviously, I don't always succeed, but none the less I fight to become increasingly aware of my tendencies, both good and bad.

Most times I catch myself repeating the same "formula" and just for the fuck of it (you can call it experimenting) I draw against the form or purposely take a turn the other way and explore a totally unfamiliar and uneasy path; for instance, I've always known I have the tendency to draw everything facing left, so for months at a time I force myself to draw everything looking the opposite way, by becoming aware of my habits I'm able to keep things interesting for myself, otherwise I'd fall into long spells of inactivity and the dreaded "artist's block". My only consistency is inconsistency :)

Like i said, the results don't always work to my advantage but I've been pleasantly surprised many times.

WCR1: "I'm still waiting for that long-promised L.A.-area workshop, now fading into the land of What Might Have Been."

The L.A. workshop really doesn't depend on me, I've always said that if there's enough interest, I'd just fly out there and spend 4 to six hours doodling and sharing my evil ways with a bunch of receptive and willing individuals, I did that twice last year, one workshop in N.Y. and one in the L.A. area, the thing is, I don't want to be the one organizing it.

Mike Manley came up with the idea of the Draw! magazine "joint" seminar, (meaning a workshop given by Bret Blevins, Mike and myself ) I said I'd gladly do it but I wanted no part of the organizing, I know for a fact that Mike's current obligations and crazy workload prevented him from putting this thing together in a timely fashion, so that's where we stand.

If you want to set up a small workshop with a few interested peeps, I'd be more than happy to make myself available, charge a nominal fee to cover my travel/hotel expenses and bingo!, all I need is an empty room and a six-pack of Corona. (a live model would be nice but optional)

spundman: "Master Bator" me llaman :) Gracias mil, pero mira quien habla!

Edinho: Grato pelos comentários. Eu segui a link a seu website, você tem uma página muito creativa, mim gosto de sua diversidade. O desenho vermelho da tinta é esplêndido!

Espero você permita que eu afixe uma ligação a seu flog.


Lou said...

Hi Doc!
Just wanted to stop by and say hello........lovly sketch !

Mike M said...

so how was Boston?

Process Junkie said...

Thanks Lou.
Mike, I''ll be posting my full report later this afternoon.


Bobby Chiu said...

I love your work! Not just this one but your whole page! You have a beautiful style.

I've linked you on my blog, hope you don't mind! :)


Process Junkie said...


Link away my talented friend, I'll return the favor.

Great blog, BTW!