Thursday, September 08, 2005

Baltimore Convention

Yup! it's that time of the year; summer's gone (unoficially), the kids are back in school, the acorns are falling from the trees, the squirrels and other creatures are out there, nervously and laboriously gathering all kinds of crap, getting ready for yet another cold and miserable north east winter, all of which can only mean one thing: it's time for the Baltimore Comics Convention!! and guess where it's going to be held this year?.......Baltimore!! Yes, you heard correct, the city of Baltimore has been chosen this year (once again) to house a healthy chunk of the world's most lovable misfits: the comic book aficionados, artists and costumed crusaders of all types.

Aaah yes! the sweet, sweet aroma of sweaty spandex and cheap cologne brewed just right!. Let me ask you dear reader, can life get any better at this time of year? Allow me to answer my own question with the immortal words of the master thespian Will Smith: "Hell, No!"

I wouldn't miss it for the world! in fact, I know I won't, because I'll be there, I don't have a table yet, and if I don't get one, I'll be walking around aimlessly, but I'll definitely be attending. If you live in the area and have nothing better to do on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th, stop by and say hello.

In the meantime, here's more chicken scratch:





Vanoni! said...

Why God? Why must I click every 'Sweaty Spandex' link I find out of curiosity?

Nice sketches.

– Corbett

wcr1 said...

Ah, Baltimore! Home of H. L. Mencken, original curmudgeon of American letters, and author of one of my favorite quotes: "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."

See if you can still order terrapin there.

Nifty drawings, as usual. I've always wondered what causes that wavy look of the paper - looks like it buckled from getting wet...


Process Junkie said...

Vanoni: Look who's calling me a perv! You should click on that link one more time, Mr. C, I promise it will be worth your doing so, now that I know what your fetish is.

Bill: Brilliant man, that Mencken fellow, I had no knowledge of his existence, but now I feel compelled to find out all I can about him.

A little-known fact, Baltimore was also at one point the home of one Gustav Millinberg, convicted of 278 counts of vandalism and destruction of private property, who roamed the Maryland countryside wreaking havoc in colonial times. He was responsible for one of my favorite quotes of all times: " If it ain't broken, break it".

...Actually Bill, I just made that up, but you must admit it did sound legit ..and pointless, which is precisely the point.

Sadly, terrapin is no longer part of the fine Baltimore sea food establishments' menu, but I've heard the manatee is out of this world.

Regarding the paper's wavy condition, my very perceptive friend, it is well known to those who have followed my so called career, that those imperfections are due to "Mars The Dog's" nifty little habit of urinating all over my stacks of tracing paper, but fear not Bill, the paper has already been air-dried and it no longer poses a threat to my health.


Stef said...

Great sketches Alberto!

Vanoni! said...

>>I promise it will be worth your doing so


Sandra Khoo said...

Mamamiaaa,such high praises! *.* Wonderland HO! ^^Man, you're ability to draw female anatomy is phenominal!!! I especially like the placement of muscles in all of 'em.Please post up some more goodies,Al! Can't wait to see 'em! ;)

Don Dixon's Blog said...


antonio said...

Hola Alberto:
let me tell you that I am so so so impressed by the great work you do and also how well you understand our roots in terms of mexican art.
I also love the work of Cabral a lot, I still think that one of the best ones is Neve sad it is difficult to find references from him nowadays.also great to see all the Art Deco references in your work.
Well Pasa un buen dia!!
Que chingon ver arte con base...
Saludos from mexico...JESUS ANTONIO

Process Junkie said...

Thanks for the most recent comments: Master Stef, Mr. C, Dixon, the lovely Sandra, Antonio and all the others who wanted to leave a comment but didn't, I want you all to know that we connect via an unspoken, spiritual language, if the work touches you, that's all there is to know, no need for comments, besides being an outlet for my massive ego, this blog serves as therapy for me, the more crap I get out of my system the better I feel, thank you all for "listening" and for putting up with my nonsense :)