Thursday, September 29, 2005

One For the Road

Spaghetti Hair

I wanted to squeeze one more post in, before I hit the road tonight, see you in Boston.


Comic Book Industry Grows A Pair

The following was written by Erik Larsen.

Finally a man with cojones.

Bits from "An open letter to comic book creators everywhere:"

Read the entire thing here, is well worth it!

"Is that all you've got?


Because if it is-- that's pretty fucking sad."

"What have you done, which is really yours? What characters will you leave behind? What can you point to as being something near and dear to your heart? What work are you most proud of?"


"I understand the desire to clutch on to the security of a guaranteed page rate. And I understand the attraction of working on characters that you grew up with. But at what point are you going to grow up? When are you going to stop sucking on the corporate tit? When are you going to (gasp) take a risk?

Do you think the guy working for MdDonalds really has a better chance for success than the guy opening up his own restaurant? Sure, McDonalds employee #12876 is getting paid a regular paycheck. Sure, the guy going out on his own is taking a real risk-- thousands of restaurants go belly up every year and there's no guarantee of success-- but shouldn't there be more to life than slapping together somebody else's hamburgers? Are you really going to feel as though you've lived a full life having spent it churning out more Big Macs?

Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.

What's the matter?


Or do you really have nothing to say?

Are you ready to confess that those "old hacks" that you look down on really had more going on than you do? Are you willing to confess that you're devoid of ideas? Are you going to fall back on the tried-and-true "all the good characters have been created" or "I'd just end up ripping off some existing character-- and who needs another Batman knock off?"



"You'll be writing or drawing or inking or coloring somebody else's creation. Maybe you'll get another assignment. Maybe you'll sign an exclusive contract and play a part in the "Big Two's" corporate pissing contest.

Good for you.

But I think you're missing out. I really do.

You'll never know what it's like to wake up in the morning and be able to put whatever you want to on a page. To do whatever you feel like and not have anybody around tell you otherwise.

But you stay shackled to that chain and pick that cotton and tell us all how "nice" your master is and how much you "like it" there. Tell us all how good you feel about the relative size of your house to the one your boss has and how fulfilling your life is doing somebody else's dirty work for them.

You get to draw Superman.

You get to draw Spider-Man.

You get to put a bullet through Blue Beetle-- a character you didn't create or help create-- but you got the opportunity to destroy.

How nice.

How peachy.

That's just swell.

No, seriously."


"Because you haven't created jack shit, that's why.

And don't give me that line about being given "creative freedom" at the "big two" because it's a crock. When somebody else owns the character you're working on it's not yours. Ultimately, any decision or direction the creative team wants to go is, ultimately, dictated to them by those that do own that character. You can't have Mary Jane Watson-Parker get pregnant, fired or divorced without getting somebody else's permission first. You can't have Spider-Man go anyplace, do anything, say anything, feel anything, meet anybody or do anything else without some kind of approval. Spider-Man will never be your character and as hard as you fight to make his stories be as close to what you want them to be, he'll never be your character. You can never fully guide his destiny. You will always be held back to some extent. And the next guy to do the book can erase, ignore or undo anything you've done.

What if…?

What if all Jack Kirby ever did was draw other people's stuff? What if he drew that issue of "Captain Marvel Adventures" and then moved on to doing some Superman comics and some Batman comics and some issues of Green Lantern and Jughead and Richie Rich?

Marvel Comics wouldn't exist today.

What if others did the same?

There wouldn't be any comics."

These are excerpts from Erik Larsen's Column: One Fan's Opinion Posted on © copyright 2005 Erik Larsen, CBR All rights reserved.
Posted here for scholarly review.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Boston Bound

Boston Bound, Carajo!!

I'll be in the city of Boston this coming weekend, attending the Wizard show & tell, I've never been there so I'm pretty excited about it, the people at Wizard Entertainment fucked up my registration, which basically means I have no clue as to where my table is going to be located, if you've read this blog before, you're probably aware that not knowing where I'm sitting at these geek festivals, is a common occurrence with me.

The invitation remains open, if you're in Boston for the Yankees Vs. Red Sox series or happen to live in the Boston area, stop by the Bayside convention before the game, either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it's going to be lots of fun...I think.

See you somewhere in the artist alley area, I've been told the place is not too big, I'll be easy to spot, I'll be the guy wearing a black T-shirt and a gray baseball cap.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"T" Shirts & Condoms

I had a good time at the Baltimore Comic-Con, thanks to all of you who stopped by. Nothing newsworthy for me to report, this show is really cozy and friendly, it went by smoothly and without incidents, lotsa "Babymen" pulling their coolers around, that's always fun to watch. I've been dealing with a family emergency since the last day of the show, hence the delay, hopefully nothing of major consequence.
Salsipuedes, CA

Book Info
I've caught up with all the book orders placed before today, those of you who've ordered the "art package" might be getting 2 packages (a tube and an envelope) instead of one, don't panic if you open the "book" envelope and the art is not there, chances are the tube is on the way. Again, I don't think I say thank you enough times, you people are something else. Thank you for keeping me in business.

I've been thinking of ways to show you guys and girls some appreciation, it was either: a condom with a printed "Wyahanga" logo or a "T" shirt, I'm sure you'd agree the "T" shirt would be best.

Everyone who has bought over 50 bucks worth of books online since August 20th 2004 will be sent a free "T" shirt as well as those of you who will do so in the near future.

In addition to all this, if any of you have purchased over 50 bucks worth of books from me through the Paypal account in the past year wants to get a free shirt -even if you haven't purchased anything recently- send me an email with your current mailing address and I'll see that you get one.

Make sure you specify size, only large and X-large will be available. If you have any questions regarding the shirt or the books, feel free to email me.

Those of you hoping for condoms will have to wait, sorry.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Town Of Salsipuedes

Cover for sketchbook 6 (formerly known as "30 Mujeres")
as well as the topic for the newest DRAW! Magazine article.

I'll see you in Baltimore!

Salsipuedes, CA


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Baltimore Convention

Yup! it's that time of the year; summer's gone (unoficially), the kids are back in school, the acorns are falling from the trees, the squirrels and other creatures are out there, nervously and laboriously gathering all kinds of crap, getting ready for yet another cold and miserable north east winter, all of which can only mean one thing: it's time for the Baltimore Comics Convention!! and guess where it's going to be held this year?.......Baltimore!! Yes, you heard correct, the city of Baltimore has been chosen this year (once again) to house a healthy chunk of the world's most lovable misfits: the comic book aficionados, artists and costumed crusaders of all types.

Aaah yes! the sweet, sweet aroma of sweaty spandex and cheap cologne brewed just right!. Let me ask you dear reader, can life get any better at this time of year? Allow me to answer my own question with the immortal words of the master thespian Will Smith: "Hell, No!"

I wouldn't miss it for the world! in fact, I know I won't, because I'll be there, I don't have a table yet, and if I don't get one, I'll be walking around aimlessly, but I'll definitely be attending. If you live in the area and have nothing better to do on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th, stop by and say hello.

In the meantime, here's more chicken scratch:




Monday, September 05, 2005

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Here's some interesting drawings from a young Ernesto.
Scans courtesy of Scott Holder.

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings

Garcia Cabral Line Drawings


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Silvio Rodriguez/Marc Chagall

To my friend Bill.
My translation, with apologies to Silvio.

(Click to listen to the song) Oil Of A Woman With A Hat

Silvio Rodríguez (Cuba)

A woman has lost
the chance of getting to know
delirium and dust.
this beautiful madness is missing,
her tiny waist vanished
right from under me.
Having lost my love technique,
my trail disappeared in her sea.

I see a light that hesitates
and promises to leave us in the dark.
I see a dog barking at the moon
with another figure
that resembles me.
I see more: I see that it didn't find me.
I see more: I see that it got lost.

Cowardice is an issue
among men not among lovers
Cowardly affairs don't grow into love stories,
or even fairy tales, they remain as they were.
the kind not even memory can save
nor the best orator convey.

An unspeakable woman
fleets the scene like a seagull
and I quickly fan my boots dry,
curse a note and turn off the clock
Cupid better beware of me
because I know how to sing his song.

A woman wearing a hat
like a painting from old man Chagall
corrupting herself at the center of fear,
and me, knowing I'm not any good,
broke down and cried,
but back then I cried for my own sake
now I'm crying as I watch her die.

Oleo De Mujer Con Sombrero
Silvio Rodríguez (Cuba) - 1970

Una mujer se ha perdido
conocer el delirio y el polvo,
se ha perdido esta bella locura,
su breve cintura debajo de mí.
Se ha perdido mi forma de amar,
se ha perdido mi huella en su mar.

Veo una luz que vacila
y promete dejarnos a oscuras.
Veo un perro ladrando a la luna
con otra figura que recuerda a mí.
Veo más: veo que no me halló.
Veo más: veo que se perdió.

La cobardía es asunto
de los hombres, no de los amantes.
Los amores cobardes no llegan a amores,
ni a historias, se quedan allí.
Ni el recuerdo los puede salvar,
ni el mejor orador conjugar.

Una mujer innombrable
huye como una gaviota
y yo rápido seco mis botas,
blasfemo una nota y apago el reloj.
Que me tenga cuidado el amor,
que le puedo cantar su canción.

Una mujer con sombrero,
como un cuadro del viejo Chagall,
corrompiéndose al centro del miedo
y yo, que no soy bueno, me puse a llorar.
Pero entonces lloraba por mí,
y ahora lloro por verla morir.