Saturday, August 20, 2005

New Book News

My silkscreen cover turned disastrous, so no more fancy stuff for me, at least until I'm able to control the entire process from start to finish. Wyahanga will go on sale on-line tomorrow ( Sunday August 21) without the fancy plastic cover, just the regular one, I will give people who have expressed interest in buying original drawings, the chance to purchase artwork at a symbollic fee, along with the book. Most of you, who have supported my endeavors in the past few years, know that I don't sell my original drawings to the general public, I had made a few exceptions and I have regretted doing so for the most part, I also don't do commissions unless, I either know the person or the project is something I want to do, so if you would like to own an original drawing please take advantage of the book/art offer which will be available for a brief period of time (until I get tired of drawing).

I also would like to express my deep gratitude to those of you who have purchased books from my website in the past, if you wish to buy the new book I will pay for shipping, make sure you click on the "Previous Buyer" link. As always, there will be no extra charge for international orders but be advised that if you reside overseas your order will take a lot longer to arrive since the book will be sent via surface mail.



Tad Lambert said...

Hey Bro,

This is Tad again. Sorry i didn't write back on the last comment you left for me. I have to ask something to you, and i don't know how often you get this question from all upcoming artist, but what do you do to keep doing what you are doing? how do you actually become a stable artist? how did you start your life having a career as a artist? If you could write me back bro at it would be much appreacited. I need alot of help and i am looking to people that i think can help me.



Process Junkie said...

Check my Monday post.


Marc Deering said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way you draw women. GORGEOUS!

mugmoni said...

The new book looks terrific. ^____^
Expect my order.


Process Junkie said...

Thanks Marc & Carla.


jesshickman said...

The tattooed girl is wonderful! I LOVE the attitude!

mugmoni said...

Carla is my sister. ~.O

Darla....with a d.

Process Junkie said...

LOL! sorry Darla, you can call me Roberto and we'll call it even :D


mugmoni said...

Deal. ^^
Roberto.. old buddy old pal. ~.O


(don't feel bad, I'm used to my mom going through every one of my sister's names before ever getting around to mine. ^^)