Wednesday, August 10, 2005

God Sucks!

I just got back from Chicago, phew! What a nightmare!! No, not the convention, Wizard World was OK, although it would have been way better if they did away with all that superhero comics bullshit, man! That DC/Marvel crap is getting more and more difficult to digest with every show, there are probably 50 spiderman titles and equal amount of Batman and Superman rubbish, and the fanboys seem more ignorant and retarded than ever, but you know what? There is a future, I've seen it and it looks promising, more on that later, back to God and her cruel games: I spent nearly 2 full fuckin' days at the God-forsaken airport, not once, not twice, 3 times a ladeeeee...(sorry, I've got a little carried away there for a second, I'm under a lot of stress, please forgive me) I meant, 3 times my flight(s) were cancelled due to electrical storms that were predicted but never really happened and to top it all, my luggage with my artwork, books and drawings I picked up at the WW show, including my newly acquired "Spongebob Squarepants" undergarments, has been lost!! Hopefully not for long, my current calzoncillos are singing Broadway tunes to me. God, please! Give me back my underwear, you can keep the artwork and the books, I promise to behave, this time's for real!

From now on, this is the way my table will be set up at every convention. Easy to spot, ain't it?
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My Table

At any rate, I will tell you this about the show: I shared a table with those Konsequential guys, Kandrix and his fianceé Laurie B., nicest peeps you could ever hope to meet, we stayed up until the wee hours chatting about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we shared a few dinners and we even slept together! That was nice! I also got to see many of the kind people who have supported my efforts in the past and some new appreciative individuals as well. But the highlights of my trip were meeting Geof Darrow, R.C. Harvey and a bunch of incredibly talented individuals, who go collectively by the name of "Enter Void" .

Darrow was sitting directly across from me, and I - like the big dope I am- didn't realize it was him until someone who came over to buy a book from me, showed me an inked drawing of "Nixon The Tax Collector" from "Hard Boiled" he had just bought from GD, I asked the guy where was Mr. Darrow sitting and of course I felt like a total dildo when the guy points and says: " That's him, right in front of you". Now, you all know I am not a big comics guy but Geof Darrow is one of the handful of individuals I respect and admire in this abortion of a business we call comics. I went over there and bought his current books ("The Shaolin Cowboy" series) and left one of my books as a token of my admiration and for being such an inspiration to me all these years, I didn't act like a fanboy (but I wanted to) I kept it in my pants and I went back to my table to mind my own business, the next day he calls me over and he hands me a gorgeous original inked drawing of "Rusty The Boy Robot" something he was selling for 40 or 50 bucks, he says he likes the work, thanks me for the book and shakes my hand like a true gentleman. Enough said!

Next, I meet R. C. Harvey, I stop by his table and see this book with a nice girly on the cover, the style is old school and seems familiar but I'm totally not placing the author, I open the book and read a few things here and there and decide to make a purchase, I scramble for my wallet and realize I have left my money at my table, I promise to come back for the book, the person in charge tells me the author is walking around but assures me he will be back to sign the book upon my return, I says, " 'sokay no need for signing" and I leave, within an hour or so, an older man (in his late sixties/early seventies) stops by my table, on his way to see some other artist I assume, with a big grin on his face he glances over and picks up one of my sketchbooks, I chat with him for a bit and when I look up to see the name on his tag, it hits me! This is the man whose book I was about to purchase, he offers money, I tell him he can have the book free of charge since I felt an immediate connection to his work and writings, he says: "Wait a few minutes" and disappears, only to return with one of his books in hand, he autographs it to me, I return the favor but misspelled his name, and we chat some more. Nice!

Lastly, I meet James and Marley, part of "The Void People" posse, these kids, and I mean that as a term of endearment since they are mostly in their early twenties, (there's nothing kiddy-like about their art, except the disarming honesty and integrity of what they do, James is a brilliant man, he draws better than many a seasoned veteran, comix or otherwise) show up at my table, we chat about DRAW! Magazine, Marley gets me confused with Bret Blevins (which is not a bad thing, it's just that Bret's uglier) I ask to see their work, she says: " I don't have mine with me but James does" reluctantly he agrees to show me his portfolio while we walk, I was floored! I must have seen 3 pages at most, I didn't need to see no more, I later got to meet the rest of the crew and see more of their collective stuff, the zaniest, most humble, respectful and talented bunch, so full of dreams and holes in their pockets, you could cry. This is the future of comics, you better fuckin' believe it. I felt so inspired after chatting with them and somehow I felt my decision to remain independent -despite the hardships- matter more to me now than ever before. I really do hope they stay true to their vision, I'd love to see them make it big, they deserve it. Cheers to you Spikes, you fuckin' rule!!

Photos and more art whenever I get my luggage back.



mugmoni said...

My lovely messenger, Jess, brought me the wonderful sketchbook, thank you so much! (xox) I hope you enjoyed the cavier (~.O) and the wimmins.

From the sound of things, it seems like you and Craig have much in common. Jess said she told you what was going on. I'm so glad to know that both of you are still here to tell about it. The way I see it, Craig(and you) has had enough of the darker side of life to last him for quite a few years, from here on out, it'll be smooth sailing.

I'm so sorry about your luggage, I hope there's not some evil airport employee running around with your SpongeBob on his backside. (well that sounded alot naughtier than I intended, but you get the idea.)
I've been without luggage as well, hopefully it's back soon.

See you in a year.

Take care

Mike M said...

Man, is this the year of the lost luggage? First Villagran now you....

Man, sorry about your troubles...I'll call.


Process Junkie said...

Darla:Thanks for the Tostitos and for the original art, so thoughtful of you. I hope Craig is feeling a lot better now. Give him my best.

I just got my luggage delivered, whoohoo!

See you in a year.

Mike: Thanks for your concern, I'll talk to you soon, ready for Baltimore?

Mike M said...

Been ready for a few months now...
hope to have some new stuff to sell...

Mike said...


Man, I had a blast meeting you in Chicago. I tried to find your table the day after the Mexican restaurant get-together (I was the guy sitting to your immediate right), but I was unsuccessful and wound up just roaming the convention floor.

Anyway, I put my LJ address in the webpage link for this reply (because that site is the easiest to contact me through), but my website is over at, if you care to peruse it.

Take care,

Process Junkie said...

Yo Mike!

Sure I remember, I only had 3 margaritas that night:) You're the Mike who did the logo for Paul's comics venture. I had a great time hangin' with you guys, sorry for vomitting on your brand new snake skin cowboy boots, the stain is easily removable with vinegar and two drops of acetone but the stench will last forever.

I'll check your site for sure, thanks for stopping by.