Friday, August 12, 2005

God Rules!

My luggage was found! Woohoo!!

Sorry God, I'll never doubt you again, I admit were right and I was wrong, there!...happy?

My Table

Drawings I did for fun at Wheezer World


jesshickman said...

Glad to hear you now have your luggage!! :)
It was great talking to you at Wizard World. See you again next year!

Process Junkie said...

The pleasure was mine, thanks for the sketchbook!


Mike M said...

Cool, love the sketches!

mickey said...

god, man!! you draw such hot women!!! i love it!!!
and thanks for the link to tankhat!!! i'm mickey, 1/3rd of tankhat. we met me like, SUPER BRIEFLY at wizard world, with marley and james.
anyway, i'll be sure to link back to you!
high five!

Process Junkie said...

Hey Mick!

Glad to hear from you, I checked all of your work, you are super talented, you guys are a breath of fresh air, best of luck!, give my regards to James and Marley.


The Monkeyking said...

Good to hear!

Oh, I love what you said about JohnK's caricatures on Fred Osmond blog.

On the drawings....HAHAHAHA!

Process Junkie said...

just calling 'em like I see 'em.

I have always believed becoming a fan (of anybody or anything) makes you vulnerable to blindness, it erodes objectivity. Those are nice sketches, if you're looking at them as quick studies (which is what they really are) but caricatures? I think that's pushing it, to say the least.

It's funny how even among themselves they can't figure out who some of those celebrities are, unless they are being told. I say, if you can't tell at a glance who the subject is that's being depicted in a caricature, the whole thing fails miserably, no matter how full of energy or style or whatever the drawings are. Hirschfeld didn't need but a few lines to nail the essence of the subject, not just the likeness, animators are not caricaturist by default.


Vanoni! said...

Glad to hear about the luggage, indeed!

I still believe there are some redeeming qualities in that John K. camp - but when you're constantly hit over the head with 'how absolutely great and perfect' someone is. . .it just becomes difficult to take the subject seriously.

Process Junkie said...

Thank you Mr. C, you do make an excellent point. The man is obviously an incredibly talented individual and an animation trailblazer, when you consider the pathetic state of the business at the time but here's my point, it's a human trait to worship and to make heroes and saints out of our fellow human being, it's easy to follow a charismatic or even just a charming leader (depending on how starved ordesperate you are to find a hero to emulate) and it's easy to ignore their shortcomings, I don't think it's much different than loving and respecting our parents and thinking of them as these larger than life figures that can do no wrong but here's what these followers miss: we must bring our heroes down if we are to grow as individuals, all these people do is forward their hero's cause, by ape-ing (is that a word?) his style they're perpetuating him and neglecting and arresting their own development.

They don't allow their own unique personality to come through by copying his style and mannerisms (because, let's face it, they all draw so alike, I can't honestly tell who did what, not unlike a cult, all his followers draw and think like him) They must break from those chains, just like we, as children, eventually come to realize that our parents are not perfect and continue to love them regardless. I worshipped my dad as an artist because he was bigger and more amazing than John K in my view, but not everything that my father did was great, it took me some time to recognize that fact, that didn't diminished my love and admiration for him. But I must confess, if you would have told me that one of my dad's drawings wasn't great, I would have stabbed you in the growing without thinking twice.

Like I said, the drawings are just so-so, some do have their merits, some suck moose dick, awesome for a young student, mediocre for a "genius" of that caliber.

Bring your heroes down, question everything, be objective, do your thing, blah, bblah, blah...........


Process Junkie said...

Correction: make that "stab in the groin"

..goddamned immigrants!

Vanoni! said...

Well said.
Except for the groin part. That was said very badly.

Now - off to sketch!
Maybe a caricature or two??

emceeONE said...

superman would totally kick green arrow's ass if he wasn't so scared of kicking his ass.

great read. love the drawings.

Process Junkie said...

I'm going to hell! :)