Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thank You!

Yes, thank you, that means you, who stopped by my booth and shook my sweaty hand, and you who were so nice to me and my children, you, who purchased a book or two, or in some cases three; thank you for sharing your art, and for talking about art, or for just showing up to say hello.

Most of all, thank you Art Students and Amateur Artists (I meant the caps); thank you for showing me your awkward drawings and unfinished paintings, some of you are so freakin' talented, you left me speechless. Thanks for letting me rant about technique and form and what not, you listened with eyes wide open, your struggles reminded me of my own, they humbled me and they keep me honest, you still haven't been corrupted beyond repair, chances are you will succumb to life in a consumer's world but for now you are clean, I prefer chatting with you than talking to some of the "pro's" who's main concern is the quick buck.

At a commencing ceremony not long ago, a famous writer talked about the true meaning of the word "Amateur", it comes from "Amador" which means "Lover". People run away and distant themselves from anything "amateurish", the word itself has acquired a very negative meaning, it implies uglyness, carelessness, inexperience, shabby worksmanship and inferior quality, when in fact the "amateur" spirit is the exact opposite. It's at the core of any discipline, it means a person who does something because he "loves" what he does, as oppossed to the "Pro" who does it for money. Now, no one is saying you shouldn't do things for money, heck, you have to earn a living! the point is to not forget what you're ideals were when you first got started as an artist, to do something of artistic consequence because of your passion and love for the medium, not to turn garbage for quick profit.

At one point I said to a bunch of comic artists acquaintances who were complaining about some bullshit or other: "The problem is you treat art like a business" none of them understood my point, they all thought I was a naive, dellusional, a hopeless dreamer or a complete fool, I am not such an idealist to not comprehend the business aspect of what we do, I thrived in it and made a decent living from commercial art myself, my point remains: if you sign your name to it, let there be the best work you can possibly do, it represents you, how can you not fucking care about what you do, when it's what you chose to do in the first place?

The amateur spirit is one of sacrifice and hard work to achieve quality without expecting reward, is that of enjoying what one does, loving what one does in fact, enough to go to great lengths to produce something worth loving, it is the ideal we all should aspire to. I raise my corona bottle to you "Amateurs", wherever you might be! I too hope to keep the spirit of "Amateurism" alive, in its most noble form.

Last but not least: Thanks to those of you art directors, licensing agents and opportunistic business peeps for blowing sweet nothings in my good ear; thanks for offering me jobs and projects I'll never do and money-making deals that will never happen (I know you mean well and I know you like the style, but you must understand, it's not you, it's me; it's just that I want to do my own thing and see other people, we're growing apart you know and frankly Mr. Shankly, I don't want to work, I just want to have fun) Nevertheless, I thank you for the consideration, etc., etc,etc., unfortunately though, I don't think I will be selling stickers or lighters or bedspreads or coffee mugs or condoms or T shirts anytime soon....Hmmm.. maybe T shirts and condoms, we'll see. Let's get in touch soon, have your people talk to my people, no hard feelings, don't mean to sound like a snob but maybe I do.

San Diego ComiCon is over, it actually ended 4 days ago but the taste still lingers, I took a mini vacation from my life-long vacation and stayed in California for a few extra days with my daughters, Thank you all for making that possible, as many of you already know, I'm a very shy hermit, a recluse really, despite my apparent "outgoing" personality, I enjoy staying home and the less people I meet, the better. I am not a people person, however, I do like artists and art students and that is the main reason why I have such a great time at these shows, you guys and girls made this trip worthwhile.

I will see you next year!


Here are some pictures my daughters and I took while in California:

Harbor Blvd. San Diego

The Marina San Diego

Rocket Church (interstate 5)

La Jolla





San Juan Capistrano

Garden Grove

Santa Ana


Brad Millette said...

It was great seeing you again, Alberto! I really enjoyed my copy of Wyrhanga! Wonderful photos!

Process Junkie said...

Likewise, Brad, I'll see you around.


Anonymous said...

You took real good photos... NiCe! :>

-OCEaNagogoh :D