Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I'm heading for SD to attend the biggest Comics Show of the year, I'll be seeing a lot of you people there, I hope.

Please do stop by and say hola, come and spill the shit and shoot the beans, I'll be offering a new book chock full of monigotes, this time in full color, I've been told by comic book experts that people like colored monigotes, so that's what I have, (well, not really) if you like blue pencil drawings, this book is not for you; by the same token, if you're color-blind, then you'd be wasting your hard earned pesos on this rag, because this one is in full fuckin' color!!... I mean, there are colors in this here book you won't find in the fuckin' rainbow, and if you act now, The C.A.C.A. (Color Adjudication and Certification Academy of America) will name one of these newly discovered colors after a loved one or a dead pet, complete with a fake certificate of authenticity, suitable for framing and a map showing you where, in the spectrum, your color stands (or fades).

"Mesero, I think somebody put something in my corona... and it ain't lime juice!!....Bring me two more...unopened bottles with two whole fresh limes and a carving knife. This shit ain't funny!"

WYAHANGA is the name I gave this puppy. Ya ever watched the movie "Mommie Dearest"? ...Well, this book has nothing to do with that.. but do let me tell you the story of how this book acquired this peculiar title:

When I was just a little baby growing up in "el culo del diablo", (the city of Guayaquil, named after the native Chief Guayas and his wife Quil, a couple of brave indigenous peeps who gave the spaniards the finger in the colonial era, or so I was told) I used to play with wire hangers in the absence of real toys, in Xmas time; we were so poor, it wasn't like we could have written letters to Santa Esmeralda asking (and getting) expensive toys and shit, and even if we did get Santa's attention, he had so many kids to take care of in one night, right? especially up north, not to play the race card or anything, but the dude is so white, he's red, I think he took care of his fellow reds first, I actually thought Santa was a nazi when I was young , but that was me. It did strike me as peculiar the fact that Gunther and Hans would always end up getting the good stuff and I'd get stuck with wire hangers! 'sides, even if he had good intentions, it would have been impossible for him to drop by the cabaña ghettoland and Ho-ho-ho us poor bastards (pun intended) with a few gay G.I. Joe's and a couple of Barbies without punanies. Personally, I attributed our bad Xmas luck, to our tenement's lack of a red brick chimney and left it at that.

Cheap wire hangers were in abundance at the time (maybe leftovers from the chinese laundry across the street) so they became a most cherished source of entertainment for this young boy, I played with them thingies for hours at a time ignoring my grandmother's caring advice, she would yell at the top of her tar and nicotine ridden lungs: " Stop playin' with them wyahangas, you gonna poke somebody's eye or god forbid, pierce your own genitals!!! Which I did eventually, but that's a story for another day

Some of the drawings in this book reminded me of my wire hanger days, and of my granny so I named the book after my favorite toy, there! what can be more profound than that? I ask you dear reader.

Anyways, do show up at my booth, # 1116 and let's get to know each other in a more intimate setting.
This year I'm sharing with my bestest of friends, Illustrator extraordinaire, "The Princess" herself: Celia Calle.

The book is 32 pages long, printed beautifully in full color on coated 12.5 card stock ( by the same talented folks who gave us Modern Postcards, with a thick, frosted plastic sleeve, hand- silkscreened by yours truly, Limited first run of 500 signed and individually doodled books for your viewing pleasure. This book won't be available in this format at Bud Plant or any other book retailer, sold exclusively through my website's book store (after the 21st of July) and at the San Diego Convention Center this coming weekend. (the book sold at the SDCC will not have a silkscreened cover, that is reserved for the good folks who support this not so humble servant on line)

Due to limited number of copies, I urge you to reserve your copy via email, limit 2 books per person please, send no money now.


Map courtesy of Celia Calle.


Diamond Mind said...

Hey man,
What a bummer I can't be in san diego.
You and celia are a great compliment.
But all those stories about santa make me a little sad. Anyway, good luck and we'll look forward to the book when you get back.

JDubbs said...

this might be my favorite blog, if I could get to the other side of california for comic con i would. i've been a big fan for a few years now and im glad to see some of your newer works.


La nuez... said...

Me gusta mucho tu trabajo de ilustracion, felicitaciones. Cada vez mejor
Javier Prado

Process Junkie said...

I never did reply to you Jdubbs and LaNuez, thank you both, sorry about the late,late reply.