Saturday, July 30, 2005

Chicago Wizard Show

Once again, I'll be attending the Chicago ComiCon, also known as Wizard World, starting this coming Thursday (August 4th to Sunday August 7th) I can be found in the "Artist Alley" along with my cohorts, Laurie B. & Kandrix, creators of "A Monk's Tale", not to be confused with "A Monkey's Tail".

If you're in the area...yadda, yadda, know the drill, bring Tostitos, etc., etc., etc......

Life's been quite hectic since we got back from San Diego, not much time left for drawing but that will change soon, as another issue of DRAW! Magazine looms in the not too distant future and sketchbooks #1 (Bocetto), #2 (Drawings from The Wrong Side of My Brain). #6 (Treinta Mujeres con pistolas), #7 (Wyahanga) & #8 (How to Draw Naked Girls in 2 steps) will all see the light of day before the end of the year. The Suicide Girls sketchbook -which I put on the backburner earlier this year due to my involvement in an animation project- will also be completed. I am so looking forward to getting back to drawing full force. I'll be posting more progress drawings and book info as soon as I get back from "the windy city".

Speaking of drawing, DRAW! Magazine # 11 is out now, packed with good stuff. I contributed an article detailing "the making of" the Zowie Deux cover, I had a blast messing around with Adobe Illustrator's symbols palette, some of you might find it an interesting tool to experiment with. Pick it up at your local comic book shop or at Tower Records, it really is a fun read.

Cheap Korean Sketchbooks.
I found some cool stuff at a local Banzai "99 cent plus" store, among other things, a pile of spiral bound sketchbooks priced at $1.49 each, naturally, I bought the entire rack. They're 34 pages thick and take col-erase pencils really well, if you're like me, intimidated by a 200 page blank book, this is the pad for you, they fill up rather fast and you feel like you're making progress.

They come in 3 colors but "I like to call them flavors"



jesshickman said...

I will definitely be on the look out for you (with Tostitos in tow)!
Darla aka 'mugmoni' won't be able to make it this year, so I am under strict instructions to find you and say hello, drop off another back o' Tostitos, and grab up a sketchbook. :)
Do you know your table #?

Process Junkie said...

I don't know what the table # is, I'll post it here as soon as I get it.

See you in Chicago!


Mike M said...

Cool drawings Alberto, cheap pads bring the best out in you!
Too bad I won't be in Chicago this year, so have fun for me.

But we can reunite for Baltimore!

Allan L. said...

I shoulda picked up that Draw issue! Actually, I did, then I put it down. My favorite comic store was having a big sale, so I decided to concentrate on getting Illustrators 46 for 35% off.

Process Junkie said...

Thanks Mike, I'll see you in Baltimore then.

Allan: it's ok man, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. You'll just have to pick up 2 issues in October :)


wcr1 said...

"if you're like me, intimidated by a 200 page blank book, this is the pad for you"

Yeah. The cheaper the materials, the less constricted I feel. The ultimate is a Papermate med. pt. ballpoint on newsprint.

I like those drawings, but I'm most intrigued by the smaller sketches with all the arrows and construction lines. I know you're a busy guy, but maybe someday you could expand on this kind of thing and the design machinery behind your drawing. Or is this in some earlier issue of Draw?


Diamond Mind said...

as always,
You are the king.
Man are those some beautiful sketches.
I can't wait for the sketchbooks to
come out. That draw magazine is as
awesome as all of them.
My only wish is that you had
made the other drawings zoomable.
Can't have everything I guess.
How much planning and composing
do you do for those sketches?
Keep it up man and Thanks,

Process Junkie said...

Bill, Dad Gummit: Actually these are nice pages, a few notches above newsprint for sure, nothing beats tracing paper for the sake of line fluency, but these are pretty decent, of course the price makes them feel like the finest Canson paper.

The little thumbnails and arrows are reference notes to myself, I draw really big, which is nice because I like using my entire upper body in the process but at the same time I don't want to screw proportions and structure, so the little drawings are a tremendous help in bringing the parts together, it's easy to lose sight of the whole when you get inmersed in a pair of complicated interlocking arms or complex hand expressions or rendering a face for instance. I reference my own lil drawing (which has already been distilled and stripped of inconsequential detail) as oppossed to the model or the photo reference. "crosscheck thumbs" I call them.

The arrows serve a different purpose, they are guides for the re-draw. I use a lot of animation techniques in my still drawings, such as pinching, stretch and squash. Anticipation, follow through, dead-stop, action, perspective and other construction lines are visible in my drawingsbut masked, mixed in and disguised as muscles, tendons, skin and clothing folds, hair, etc.

When I don't want to erase something that turned out nice but needs to be experimented with or adjusted in the next re-draw, I use arrows to remind me to move, stretch or squash this or that part in a particular direction to accentuate the effect of gravity, innertia, centrifugal forces and any other applied physics principles.

Maybe this becomes second nature to someone who has been drawing the human form in a straightforward and realistic manner for most of his life but I need all the help I can get because I distort and streamline a lot.


wcr1 said...

Ah, process! Fascinating. Every so often someone will ask an artist or composer about the technical side of creation, and usually the answer is something along the lines of "All of that's irrelevant. Everything you need to know is in front of you."

Which is certainly true, but the behind-the-scenes stuff is still interesting, and in the long run detracts nothing from the finished piece. Thanks.


mugmoni said...

Hey Alberto. ^^
Darla here, as Jess said, I'm (very unfortunately) not going to be able to attend Wizard World this year, some of the ugliness of an otherwise beautiful world has spilled into my life. :( I was really looking forward to getting another chance to talk with you about art and mutual friends.

Hopefully next year.
I'm sending Jess as my proxy, complete with Tostitos and a little something from my own hand. Hopefully there's a sketchbook with my name on it.

I hope the weekend is a great success an you get to enjoy the best of company and days.

Take care,
Darla Ecklund

Process Junkie said...

Dear Darla: You'll be sorely missed, rest assured, a book with your name on it will be resting on my lap (to keep it warm that is) I do sincerely hope this uglyness you speak of, does not transcend beyond a mere annoyance. I also wish and pray, the gods of drawing would allow me to remain on this planet yet another year, to be able to share a cold one with you and chat until our tongues fall off.


Vanoni! said...

Keen sketches, bud. I look forward to pickin' up the new Draw! - sounds great as always.

– C

Process Junkie said...

Hey Vanoni,

Nice chatting with ya at the Sketchbook Sessions get together, hopefully I'll get to see you guys before the end of the year. Thanks for the comment.


Taeha said...

'Twas wonderful meeting you in San Diego! Have fun in Chicago.

But I had to post 'cause you're sharing a table with the Konsequential people -- they're from my home town, I've seen them at local cons. Small world!

Process Junkie said...

Well,... , I hate to break it to you my dear Taeha, but the world is big, :) but you're right, the artistic community we're part of, is very tight, it truly is a beautiful thing.

Thanks for stopping by my booth in San Diego, it was nice to meet you in person after all these years, what? since 2001, no? My best to the Hooson clan and their newest member.


SteveLambe said...

Another comicon again already!?!? Phew...I just recovered from SDCC ;)

See you there, Alberto!

Process Junkie said...

Heya Steve, I'll be hanging with Sandford Greene today (Friday)somewhere in artist alley, find him and you'll find me :D See you later.


emceeONE said...

woot! great entries, just finished reading a bunch of them. thanks for sharing your process.


Process Junkie said...

My pleasure. MC1, I dig your stuff btw!


emceeONE said...

Thanks, means a lot coming from you.