Friday, July 01, 2005

Charlotte Rambling

Back from the Heroes Con in North Carolina, phew! what a trip! I drove from NYC down to Charlotte with my daughter Megan, the 10 and a half hour drive was not that bad at all, the roads were decent but there really wasn't much of a scenery to contemplate until we got closer to our destination. I was stopped for speeding somewhere in Maryland, luckily I wasn't wearing my "Fuck The Police" Tee shirt, I regaled the officer with a freshly baked Krispy-Kreme glazed morsel, knowing that was an offer he couldn't refuse but he took the doughnut and gave me the ticket anyway, Oh well!

Charlotte is a beautiful city, the downtown area is breathtaking, surprisingly very modern while retaining the historic southern architecture, lotsa dough has been dumped there for sure, most buildings are brand new and corporate America has a strong presence, you can find art everywhere you go, plazas, lobbies, parks, museums, sidewalks, galleries, etc., it reminded me a bit of San Francisco's downtown area in that sense (without the bums). There's a slew of fine, fine restaurants, from the upscale to the affordable, great food, great people! I was very impressed by the hospitality and friendliness of the establishments we visited.

I give Charlotte NC 4 and 3/4 stars out of 5, I would have given it 5, but I didn't get to see the red light district and the slums, which I'm sure are just as fascinating as the ritzy downtown and business areas.

Now to the heart of the matter, Shelton Drum puts together a pretty tight event, the organization -in my opinion-, was top notch, the people running the show were courteous, accommodating and helpful at every turn. Dustin Harbin -the person in charge of the floor plan- did not rest for one minute during the entire show, he must have walked at least sixty miles worth of convention real estate, making sure the guests and other exhibitors were taken care of, kudos to you Dustin! you're an amazing human being.

Not unlike most comics conventions, this one was chock full of comic geeks in character, lots of bright, sweaty, spandex, plenty of stuffed socks where the genitals are suppossed to go, with airbrushed six-packs and pecs to match. God, I love me a soft man with hard painted-on muscles!

I must say, most everyone I came in contact with was respectful and right down friendly, even the ones who don't like girls :) I sat next to the talented and super nice Luna Bros. to my left and Jim Mahfood to my right, who was showcasing his many gifts for storytelling. I got to see his work up close and let me tell you, the man knows his onions, great drawing style.

The best part of all, as usual for me was to interact with art students, hopeful comics & graphics professionals and compadres in arms. It's not lady-like to kiss and tell so I'll refrain from dropping names, let me just say that I had a whale of a time hanging with fellow artists at the lobby of the hotel after hours, many of whom I have admired for quite some time, that was a real treat.

J.H. made my day (and my week), when he showed up with a cooler full of Corona beer, limes, salt and all. If you're reading this, John: Thank you from the bottom of my drunken heart. Also many, many thanks to: Tim, Shelton, Dustin, Casey and the entire cast of misfits who made that show an enjoyable reality for this humble servant.

It took me 11 plus hours to get back to NYC, due to inclement weather and the heavy construction traffic around the Washington/Delaware area. Megan and yours truly got a real sense of true southern lifestyle when we got a few miles out of our way to have breakfast at the "House of Waffles" (one of the many franchises we saw along the road, gorgeous waitress with the sweetest southern drawl you can imagine, I took some notes, I'll share them with you later.

The trip was made complete by a righteous NY state trooper, the fuckin' pig caught me speeding right before I got to the Verrazano Narrows bridge, I offered him a twenty spot, knowing that was an offer he couldn't refuse but he took the dough and gave me the ticket anyway, Oh well!


Inked Scissorshands at the Heroes Con.

Swiss Army Knife


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