Saturday, June 11, 2005

NYC Geek Festival

First day of the NYC Mocca Fest also known as Geek Central, had a blast!
I've never seen so many nerds assembled in one place since the last convention I attended... last week :) No, no really, all kidding aside, a great event held in a beautiful building (The Fuck building that is) on a beautiful, sunny New York afternoon, I was in section A and let me tell you, that was the section to be at, sector "B" was hell! and I mean that!, it must have been 110 degrees farenheit in there, phew! Mike Manley came by to say hello completely drenched in his own manly sweat, man oh man!

Many thanks to all who stopped by, bought the books and said hola! We're going to do this again today (Sunday) if you live in the Tri-State area, swing by.

Here are my notes from this event:



Mike M said...

Man, hot was right! Jeezuz cripes! There were 3 rooms. The room YOU were in, the middle room and the back room which was like a garlic steam factory!

Shoegazers smell like foreign food. I was awash in my own juices for a bit for sure. Too bad I can't come back today...but work awaits! But the show was a blast--way better than Philly.

lots of cute girls too....always a plus. Great drawings!

Process Junkie said...

Plenty of beautiful women, no doubt, I met a wonderful spanish artist, talented beyond her age and sweet as can be, hopefully she will let me post some of her gorgeous work on this here blog, I also met Little Egypt from the board,she regaled me with an amazing piece of comics work named: "PORNO", I might let you see it if you raise my allowance.