Monday, June 13, 2005

Mocca Finale

Great, great show, nothing compares to the San Diego ComiCon, convention-wise, not just for its size but for the attending crowd's diversity, but NYC is just tremendous, it is the greatest city in the world for a reason, and that reason is its people, no doubt!

I met some of the most talented and nicest human beings these past 2 days. I won't drop names this time, but you know who you are, thank you!!
You know I have a good time at these comic book conventions, you always hear me say : "this show was great!" and I'm sincere, every show to me, is a good show, I don't measure it in terms of sales (although I must candidly admit that I'm yet to have a disappointing financial outcome) mainly because the people who stop by my booth or table are so freaking appreciative, generous and accommodating, and by "the people" I mean THE ARTISTS, it is a well known fact that the typical comic book fanboy, as in "fanatic" does not care for what I do one bit, fans want a sketch of superdick or supercunt, they want to know what DC/Marvel book I'm working on, they show a lot of interest until I answer "I don't draw comics just naked women" at which point their enthusiasm turns to incredulity followed closely by indifference, how can you not like women, is there something wrong with you freaks!

These days I avoid unpleasant exchanges by posting a sign that reads: "NO COMIX HERE, KEEP WALKING" it really does work. THE ARTISTS don't give a flying fuck if I draw comics or not, I like that, I love seeing work from students and chatting about technique and form with other fellow artists or artists in training.

Figure drawing is still looked upon (by the general public and the babymen who buy the bulk of superhero comics) as something of an oddity, either mundane or down right pornographic. I want to smack the shit out of everyone who asks me if I'm a pin-up artist, but I understand this is not their fault. I despise that term and the "erotic" label ignorant fools are so fond of using everytime they catch a glimpse of the female form.

Despite the "comics fanboy's ignorance" I enjoy these events mainly because -let's face it already- I'm no longer in the rat race and when you don't toil like an immigrant farmer to put food on the table, when you don't have to listen to a sorry-ass art director babble about some stupid cartoon character's peculiar likes and dislikes as if he's talking about a real human being (personally I'd rather pick strawberries in a July afternoon in the San Fernando Valley) Mondays seem like Fridays, Tuesdays smell like Sundays and Wednesdays & Thursdays have the look and feel of Saturdays.

Sadly, though, this Mocca show should be re-named the Daniel Clowes draw-alike festival, man, they copy this poor slob right down to the characters' overbites, insipid pastel pinks and fetid grays. I personally like Dan Pussey and his books but how many times can we see the same shitty monigotes being drawn by lessser talent, trendy shitheads with thick black retro frames and spiky short hair?!

By the way, do yourselves a big favor and check out Mike's wonderful and highly detailed account of the NYC Mocca Fest part 1 & part 2

Picture courtesy of Mike Manley

My brain according to Mike.



Mike M said...

Woah! Dude is that your brain?!

Process Junkie said...

No Mike, it's my bubblegum after it hit the floor, want some?

Anonymous said...

yewwww~~ tat is a gross barin u've there drunken... Thanks for sharing! YEwWwww~!

Process Junkie said...

My barin is my own business, lady. "It's my second favorite organ"

The Monkeyking said...

Man, I really miss home. And that show looked really cool.

Glad you had a good time.
Give away any postcards?? :)

Process Junkie said...

Yup! I promoted your ass shamelessly. New York home style.

All the independents were there, with the cute rabbits the mangled mangas and the Eight Ball wannabees.

I was placed next to the "Flight" crew, nice to see Kazu again, you should have been here to promote ZOWIE! man, I sung your praises and danced the Zowie polka for everyone to see.

Anonymous said...

I wanna see drunken Zowie polka! Did u wear ur tat sexy grass skirt? :D
so... wats ur fav organ again? OH.... yah... :p

OCEaN ;>

Mike M said...

New Flav'a! Puck Floor Bubble Gum!
Pre-Chawed Chew!

Taste the shoegazer grit! Now with Equadorian scent!

Process Junkie said...

OCEAN A-GO-GO:As a matter of fact I did wear the grass skirt you gave me in Singapore, it wasn't exactly a tight fit, since we both jumped in it together after that never-ending night of tequila shots, but hey, you do what you can with what you have, know what I mean? ;)

BTW, If you wanna see drunken do the Zowie polka, you gotta get drunken drunk, not an easy feat, let me assure you.

Mike M: Scent of the alpha male to you, big boy.

wcr1 said...

"I want to smack the shit out of everyone who asks me if I'm a pin-up artist, but I understand this is not their fault. I despise that term and the "erotic" label ignorant fools are so fond of using everytime they catch a glimpse of the female form."

God, you're beautiful when you're angry! Afore you start smackin', though, you might want to check out, where that term is prominently displayed.

As for erotic, it's true that naked women don't automatically qualify, but they can get you pretty close to the neighborhood. In my mind, at least, it's a pretty broad term, ranging from outright porn on one end to the very subtle effect of much of Maxfield Parrish's work.

It needn't demean women, though. Your ladies are always sure of themselves and in control, and in that respect they remind me of the (much more erotically-charged) photography of Helmut Newton, which I mean as a compliment.


Process Junkie said...

Bill LOL! True, brandstudio (the website) does have a pin-up section, and it was created as such 5 years ago, I've never been too fond of that label but the title was an accurate reflection of the section's content at the time, the few images shown there were true pin-ups in the traditional sense, Vargas, Petty type of stuff (obviously of way inferior quality and style) the sexy/sensual girl flirting with the viewer stuff, most of them done for fun for the Shane Glines original Drawing Board's Drawing Class (now called "Drawing Jam". For those not familiar with the "Drawing Class", the object was for everyone to draw his/her own version of the weekly/bi-weekly photograph Shane posted on his message board called "The Drawing Board".

It kinda bothers me that people use the term "pin-up artist" only because that's not the only thing I do, that's all.

I don't even think of myself as a "fine artist", if you have to put a label on me, the most accurate one would be the two-headed: "Graphic Designer/Cartoonist" I believe that best represents what I like to do.

Even within the "pin-ups", figure drawing or whatever you wish to calll it, I design, I design body parts, poses, props and even names.

I disagree with you on eroticism though, I believe a naked woman is erotic by default, by that I mean the dictionary definition of erotic: "Of or concerning sexual love and desire, tending to arouse sexual desire" at least this is true for me because I think of both the act of sex and the act of drawing are sensual pleasures of very powerful magnitude, admiring the forms of a beatiful naked woman arouses my artistic and sexual senses at once. The fact that I don't act upon the sexual arousal end doesn't mean it's not there. Again this is my personal opinion.

I just despise the term as it's being used these days by anyone with half a brain because it has acquired the connotation of cheap smut.

Within such context I don't get why the erotic name is applied to my stuff, maybe because I'm more concerned with expressing form with line than attempting to titillate.


Jill said...

Alberto why don't you tell them toon art but that is just as difficult to explain.

wcr1 said...

The fact is, "pictures of attractive women with little or no clothes", "pin-ups", and "cheesecake" are pretty much equivalent terms for most people.

Except for specialists such as yourself, this is not a constituency of finely drawn distinctions. Goes with the territory.

Process Junkie said...

"The fact is, "pictures of attractive women with little or no clothes", "pin-ups", and "cheesecake" are pretty much equivalent terms for most people."

You're absolutely correct! Chris Bailey used to sign his emails with quotes by famous people among them, there was this little jewel: "A person is smart, people are dumb."

Like I said in my original comment, I don't fault people, it's pretty pretentious and self-agrandizing on my part to imply that what I do is more noble or dignified than what your average "pin-up artist" of today does, in essence I'm just another horny guy objectifying women for his own pleasure, the difference may be that in most instances I care more about the drawing and the process than the content and the intention.

I certainly don't expect the average person to understand the differences, it's just that sometimes I feel tired of hearing the same thing over and over, it reminds me of the little girl selling flowers in a sidewalk café, who gets her hand crushed into a bloody pulp by the hero to the delight of the surrounding folks, in a comic by Stefano Tamburini & Tanino Liberatore.

Some "concerned" americans were apalled by this "unnecessary violence towards defenseless children earning a living" and wrote a slew of nasty hate letters to the publisher, later in an interview the artist defended the panels in question by explaining that these flower girls are way beyond simple annoyance in Europe and that everyone dreams of doing that very same thing the main character did to the tiny child.

I'm no more a pin-up artist than I am a caricaturist or logo designer or perhaps I'm none, someone approached me at the Philly show and said: "You seem like a guy who LOVES drawing women" I said "yeah! that's it and gave him a free book. God bless that man!

Jill: I'll try that next time, but I'll doubt it will yield different results :)


manucha said...

Hey Process. . .Junkie!! Do you have anymore of that dirty brain food, so I can chew on?? It just may inspire me to process as well as you do!! It's no wonder why you are the brilliant dirty bastard that creates such complex anatomical beauties. It's good to know you enjoy sharing that favorite organ of yours!! You devert the minds of simple folks.

Process Junkie said...

You mean "pervert" :)