Friday, June 24, 2005

Heroes Con 2005

I'm here at the Westin hotel, Room 1045. Push the door in; the door is open. Help yourselves to whatever you see on the table. Go through my drawers and take whatever you like.
I'll be at my table on the convention floor.
Albert Ruis


Anonymous said...

how come u didn't invite me! :) Have a good time!

Mike M said...

Yo! How about some blow-by-blow of the show? Is the crowd good? Does the southern hospitality include Lime Tostidoes? Eat any B-B-Q? Dam, all my questions are relating to food, guess I need to eat breakfast....

Brad Millette said...

Great seeing you again, Alberto. See you in San Diego!

Mike M said...

I await your report mi captian

ivan said...

Nice meeting you Alberto. Thanks for looking over my art and for your comments. I greatly appreciate it. You're a cool guy which is rare in the art world.
I'll try to do a rough drawing of the sketch i asked you to post. i remember the pose a little bit. :)

Process Junkie said...

In the words of the immortal Home Star: "You missed a good one, man. M i s s e d a goood one! They were kicking people off, left and right and like..and..some people got kicked on , and umh, I should have watched it! you definitely should have watched it.. S H O U L D have watched it! ..I mean, they're gonna be talkin' about this one fo' a while...I mean, I'm gonna be talkin' about this one fo' a while"

-Complete report tomorrow-

Agent Helix: Be there! or be somewhere else. Thanks for hangin'at the table.

Ivan: Got your email, I know the pose, I'll post it after I clean it up some. Nice meeting you as well!

Tad Lambert said...

Hey man this is Tad

I don't know if you remember me, if you don't that is fine i know you probably have better things to attend to. BUt i have to say thanks for the inspiration at the con after you looked at my work.

It makes me proud that i could grab someone with your art style in that way. It means alot.

Thanks for your help, and i'll see you around.

TaD LamBerT

Process Junkie said...

Tad: I have an excellent memory for faces, but names, ah! names are something else, are you the one with the yelow/orange beard and bank robber's cap,wearing a black "T" shirt? or the fellow with the yellow/orange goatee, shoulder-length wavy hair and beautiful sea blue/green eyes, in a black "Tee?

They say the memory is first thing to go but they're wrong, this is not the place nor the time for this sort of adult conversation but I'll tell you in private when I see you next year in Greensboro again, great meeting you Matt!


PS Send me progress pics, I'd love to see what you come up with next, and remember: if you shake it more than twice, you're jerkin.....wait! no, I mean, if you're not sketching at least an hour per day, you're wasting your time. and don't think you're going to make good money from art, because you won't, keep yourself honest by learning to spot mediocrity in your own work, don't draw from comics, sketch from life whenever possible, subscribe to SMOOTH GIRL Magazine or pick it up the second Tuesday of every month at your local 7-11, be true to yourself by doing wnat you do for no other reason than to please yourself and don't forget to put down the toilet seat cover, that is if you want to keep your girlfriend from cheating on you with that black guy from the Saturn dealership.


wcr1 said...

(Oscar Wilde would be proud.)

Clay Sisk said...


Process Junkie said...

And so are my stains!