Friday, May 13, 2005

Zowie! Roughs

Stuff from Zowie!Deux, a collection of comic stories and cool art by a bunch of corrupted teenagers.


manucha said...

I really enjoy finally seeing some brown skin. I've been hungry for some flavor and spices in your work depicting other ethnicities.

Process Junkie said...

A latino nan at a convention asked me a while a go: "why do you draw so many white women"and so few black/latino girls, I said (as usual, with my size 11 adidas securely inserted in my pie hole) "white girls are easy" and I meant that.

Ethnicity is not easy to convey with lines on paper (at least not easy for me for sure), skin color alone won't do, the drawing of a white girl with brown color skin is just a sun-tanned white girl.

Ethnic features are tricky to depict, one can easily run the risk of insulting a whole group of human beings if one does not observe accurately and without prejudice, by "prejudice" I mean the "pre-conceived" stereotypical notions we all have of people other than our own.

I must confess that I have a slight inclination -if you will- towards redheads with freckles, (true redheads that is of course) I've concluded that my preference has to do with my natural tendency to like things that are strange and foreign to me and my surroundings.

Russell Patterson was one of the most sophisticated, elegant and intelligent artists that ever lived but he was a dumb, insulting retrograde when it came to depicting black folks. One can argue the fact that in them times, such "artistic" stylings were in fashion but denying service to black people in restaurants was also very much in vogue.

I let my mouth run amock, pardon the tirade, thanks for the comment and don't forget to drink a lot of water please ;)


The Monkeyking said...

That's nice.
I'd love to see the final. ;)