Sunday, May 22, 2005

Philadelphia, Here I Come!

Been extremely busy with work and home improvement, I will be absent for next 3 weeks while I work on a design project that requires my undivided attention, full report once the thing is done :)

I'll take a break from work 2 weeks from now to attend the Philadelphia "Wizard World" Show June 3 to 5 at the Convention Center, if you live in the vecinity and have nothing better to do, please stop by and say hello, Artist Alley table 2011 A&B, my good friend and fine purveyor of Draw! Magazine, Mike Manley Sr. will be my neighbor.

Girls: please dress apropriately and do look your best. Guys: don't forget to bring your girlfriends, continuing with the tradition I started 2 months ago, any girl/woman/female impersonator who buys any of my books gets a free sketch/caricature of herself. If you happen to be a guy, I will draw your girlfriend/wife/mistress or whatever you wish to call the object of your infections, if you don't have a girlfriend (and let's face it, most of you nerds don't) one will be provided for you at no additional cost to you.

MONEY SAVING OFFER: Bring any of the following items:

A bag of lime-flavored tostitos
Bottle of Corona beer (Coronita is also accepted)
Jar of Calamata olives
Pint of Häagen Dazs mango ice cream (pineapple/coconut ice cream also accepted)
"Nut & Fruit" Cadbury chocolate bar

And receive a FREE sample 8.5"x11" book, an oversize full-color postcard, a mini poster and a $5 dollar discount towards the purchase of any book.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER This offer can not be combined with any other offer from anybody, anywhere at anytime. One girlfriend drawn per purchase. No, your sister doesn't count as a girlfriend, unless you're from the south. Void where prohibited by law, not responsible for depicting ugly girls accurately, must be 18 to enter 21 to win.

Final cover, this is the "woody" version.



mugmoni said...


The cover looks great! I'll have to stock of on lime tostitos for Chicago.


Anonymous said...

you better! :)


jesshickman said...

Can I get a caricature of myself at Wizard World Chicagp too? I'll bring soda with the lime tostitos! ^_^

Process Junkie said...

Sorry, no soda. Corona with lime please.


OCEaN :D said...

WowoW.... I luv this!Really! Wow....

Process Junkie said...

I was thinking of you when I did this, no joke. I know your island is not floating on the South Pacific but Java and the South China Sea are not that far, I needed your sign of approval :)

Ya bunnywunny Ya!