Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nature Process Pics

Photos taken for fun every 4 weeks.

Nature Rules!

Nature Rules!

Nature Rules!


Elisa said...

Wow, it's cool to see the dramatic changes in a row. I've been out taking nature pictures myself, though up in northern Michigan the process is a bit stunted and we're in the midle of the bloom stage. I wish I could go to Philadelphia and get a book and sketch done from you, what a deal :) I'd definately be bringing some Calamata olives.
I really love the Zowie illustrations. They remind me Gauguin's Tahitian girls. Beautiful.

Process Junkie said...

eah, it's pretty dramatic indeed, I've meant to do this for a few years now, it 's truly inspiring to take the time, (or rather) to stop and witness mother nature painting these amazing canvasses right in front of us, most of the time we take the beauty of renewal for granted.

Thanks for the comments on the Zowie stuff, I looked at Gaugin's paintings for inspiration.