Monday, April 18, 2005

Swiss Army Knife

For my friend Randy Martin, I'll post the inked version later this week.



Elisa said...

*jaw drops* Absolutely fantastic! I love the details you've added with the hands and the 'cut here'
That face on the last girl is also really cool, reminds me of a puma or other feline type creature.

Process Junkie said...

That'll be "Jaguar Girl" to you :)
Thanks E.


Eric said...

Damn nice sketch of Edward Scissorhands! You can almost see a sculpted resin figurine by looking at that sketch. *Shivers* Fantastic.

Just tracked down the last draw magazine with your tutorials' in them (Have 7,8,9,10 now), Simply awesome. I am only fairly literate with a program called PaintShopPro but I am now picking up a copy of Illustrator so that I can mess around with it. The thing that fascinated me the most and this might be kind of lame for me, but it was the Vampirella text effect that you did in the last issue (Num 10). So what are these things called vectors...

- Eric