Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My Filthy Basement

Great News!
I just started working on a new sketchbook in partnership with The Suicide Girls
This book will feature my versions of these gorgeous & deadly creatures, scheduled for release this coming June.

Also, for those interested, I reprinted the sold out "Train Doodles" book, It will arrive two weeks from today.

As per Dave G's request, Here's some pics of my home "studio" as it stands now before painting, I'm really fond of this "unfinished" look, it makes it feel more like a "Taller" or "Atelier" if you must, kinda artsy-fartsy.

Edit: If you want to see the "before" pics click Here and Here.
These two (below) are the updated pictures. This is the way the basement looks now.



I caught "Mars the Dog" wrapping his tongue around his nose this afternoon, he's just ugly as all hell but I love him.

I'm still pretty ill :( Pray for me my brothers and sisters.

Sketchbook Shipping
For those of you who ordered sketchbooks from me in the past few weeks, all orders have been shipped, except for the ones placed last week, they will go out Monday, I had to print a few extras to keep up with the demand, thank you for being so patient, your support is appreciated and it will not be ignored, when the new books come out this year everyone who has bought books from me (past or present) will get a huge discount and extra goodies for allowing me to continue the work of evil.

For those of you who were promised sketches, look inside the pages of the book (or one of the books) you ordered. If you were promised a sketch and you don't see one, email me imediately after receiving your goodies.

Spring is here and the time is right for fighting!
I got into a heavy discussion with some comic book friends 2 days ago or so, I managed to offend and insult pretty much the whole group (inadvertedly of course but nevertheless I think I'm done there), somehow I felt as if I was back in school, thing is, this is the nicest group of people. it all ended amicably after I apologized for my rude behavior, but the whole thing reminded me of why I never like belonging to any group or clan or gang or whatever.

Life has taught me nothing, I keep making the same mistakes, it's very hard for me to not react like a cornered rat when I feel I'm in the right, at the end I admitted my ignorance regarding comics, which is an aberration I can't fucking figure out for the life of me, but still felt like an outsider trashing their club house, not my intention, but it happened. I still think I'm right of course but that episode will teach me not to poke my nose where it doesn't belong.

I think from now on I'll stay right here, minding my own business in the safety of my blog, no more groups for me, I can't handle it, I'm too bitter.

Thank you all for the "get better soon" notes.



Diamond Mind said...

Man, that suicide girl sketchbook is gonna cut me in half, or singe my eyeballs. I hope you'll post a few previews for those that care to perish early.

Process Junkie said...

Oh, you know I will!

I'm going all out 'cause I love them girls.


The Monkeyking said...

Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!

I remember your dog having flames shooting out of his eyes though. :)

Diamond Mind said...

My eyes hurt already....

Process Junkie said...

Monkeyking True story: An older woman dressed in a blue mini skirt and white top with red bowtie and hat to match, holding a tray full of cookies (or muffins) rings the doorbell one Sunday morning, I barely cracked open the door and Mars The Dog runs right through my legs, sneaks through the narrow opening and takes a decent chunk out of the woman's ankle (who turned out to be a real estate agent) the poor woman almost had a heart attack, her blue pantyhose soaked in blood, it was awful, I'm lucky she didn't sue me.
that will teach her to impersonate girl scouts.

That fucking dog is as crazy as it looks. He didn't like you from the get-go :).

LPinLV said...

I certainly hope you're not through kicking ass on all your friends in the group of comicbook artistes.
Your point of view is very clear...and fearless!!
The suicide girls sounds like a good match,can't wait...please post stuff soon.

Process Junkie said...

bbean: Your solidarity was noted back then and acknowledged right here, Thank you, from the beginning you were very accommodating and friendly!

A fantastic bunch of human beings, no doubt, but I really don't see the point in sticking around without being a full participant, I gave it a shot. It truly is a great group and they have a good thing going because they have many things in common, I don't care for superhero comics, I don't ink, I don't paint, I don't watch TV and I don't go to the movies (except on Thanksgiving day to see the latest Pixar flick with my kids) that leaves pretty much nothing for me to talk about or for that matter to comment on and if I did I'd probably say something stupid anyway and get their panties all bunched up. I am not a prima donna let me assure you, I just don't like groups. I'd prefer to talk to them outside of the internet list thing, face to face, where I can see the expression on their faces and they can see mine. :)