Saturday, April 23, 2005

2004 Weekly Sketches

The links to my "Weekly Sketch" posts are no longer active so I'm re-posting them here for archival's sake, some of these might make it into the next sketchbook.



Jill said...

Beauties on all of them. Thanks so much for giving us a view of your awesome talent!!


Mike M said...

You rule you fool!

Newsquirt said...

yes sir! You funkin rawk! yup yup!

wcr1 said...

Oh great. Now there's ruiz folders clogging up hard drives all over corporate America. Hope you can sleep at night.

Seriously, thanks for those links, esp.

Get Your War On - coughed up blood laughing.
Julie Rocheleau - !! words fail... wonderful stuff, though.
Don Simpson - where has this guy been? Never seen such an articulate, intelligent view of the whole comic/art thing. Quotes Arthur Danto, for god's sake. When does he find time to work?

Process Junkie said...

He doesn't work, LOL!! just kidding.

Never heard of him before (Mike Manley turned me on to his blog), He has some funky theories that are very insightful but a lot of times he over does it with the analysis, his writing style gives me a headache at its worst and a good chukle when he stays clear and focused.

His perspective is pretty interesting, I think he had a successful comic book once and his fans abandoned him when he tried to sell them something different, a bitter cartoonist is always fun to read, don't care much for his art tho.


Elisa said...

Your girls are amazing. You have such a way of creating volume with your line that's just sickeningly good.