Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Thanks for your support, hope to hear from you.

I've never been too crazy about journals, diaries and blogs, never kept a diary in my whole life, or a sketchbook for that matter, I did start a few though :)

Two years ago or so, I decided to quit commercial work (corporate ID, Illustration and all that good stuff) to pursue figure drawing full time, not that it hadn't crossed my mind before but I guess the time wasn't right or something, insert excuse here_________. No matter what the financial situation is at any given time, one is rarely in a position to leave the security of the old and tried, but I figured wtf, the old and tried is not that secure anyway and I'm not the first guy to do something that apparently makes no financial sense but at the same time makes perfect artistic sense, drawing has always been my passion, not pushing product, so finally I'm getting to do what I want to do all of the time, to hell with everybody, I'm going for it, If I need money I can always go back to Burger King :D

It turned out to be one of the handful of decisions in my entire life that didn't end up blowing up in my face or causing harm to innocent bystanders. Towards this self-fulfillment path I'm publishing collections of random drawings in "sketchbook" format. The whole idea behind those huge books was to do the kind of book that I would love to see in a store, I knew that the general public wasn't going to buy them and quite frankly what do they know, the response from artists everywhere has been more than overwhelming and if only artists buy these things then fantastic! I've also managed last year to do some teaching, a couple of seminars and one on one training, which is something I found extremely rewarding and hopefully will continue doing.

I've never been happier in my whole life, not only am I spending more time with my family at home these days but I've also managed to have a great deal of fun, traveling around to cool places and meeting so many wonderful artists, art students, collectors and people interested in the arts in general, most of whom have become good friends of mine, a great number of these friends and collaborators came via the various internet art forums, most notably "The Drawing Board" and "Bellefree" (at its prime).

I've been opposed to the idea of the blog for the longest time for obvious reasons, but that all changed after watching Mike (Draw! Magazine editor) put together his most informative journal, and no longer see the thing as a gossip tool which consumes time and effort but as viable medium for exchanging ideas. I felt compelled to start one, mainly to keep in contact with the many friends I now have and to let people interested in my work know where my work (and myself) can be found as I travel almost nonstop throughout the year.

This is my first attempt at a blog.. well, it may not be a true blog mind you, but a bulletin board of sorts, a space to post my doodles, traveling schedules, new projects, book releases and that sort of thing. Hopefully we'll get to chat about art some and share tips, processes and ideas.

Thanks for the constant support and inspiration.

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OCEaNagogoh said...

Luv to read abt ur stories. Always interesting & inspiring :>

Stressbunny :D

Process Junkie said...

Don't be a stranger Nunny I mean Bunny. :)))