Sunday, March 27, 2005

More Of The Same

I dug out more prelims and screenshots from the past. This is my favorite of the bunch, I thought I nailed the pencil rough in one shot by combining 2 photographs but I had fits with the illustrator file, layering shapes to "color" the sketch while mantaining the main characteristics of the subject was a bitch, the illustrator version lost a lot of the likeness and charm I managed to achieve with the pencil. Right after this job I decided to stop using Illustrator for my personal work, with the exception of the DRAW! Magazine demos and a color cover here and there.

Fotos courtesy Allan Liang.

My preliminary pencil rough.

Paul Van Dyke Sketch

Layering shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

Paul Van Dyke Color



Allan L. said...

Yer a freakin' master! Thanks for sharing your process, junkie. ;)
I'm a FreeHand guy myself...I find Illustrator pretty intimidating.

wcr1 said...

You know, I'm gonna catch hell for this, but here goes: you say that the Illustrator version doesn't have the personal touches that are in the pencil, but that could be because you've eliminated them. What happened to the nostrils that flared, or all the crevices around the eyes? The exaggeration that characterizes the pencil has been tamed to a fare-thee-well.

It should go without saying that I'm an enormous fan of your stuff, so take my mouthing off with a grain of salt, por favor.

Do I have any last wishes? Yeah, but they're all illegal. Play the slow movement of the Mahler 4th at the wake.


Process Junkie said...

No hell to catch at all Bill, you are absolutely correct. See what happens to me is that while attempting to lay shape after shape, after shape, changing the direction of each of the gradients and opacity of the each of the objects, I lose sight of some of the landmarks -such as the nostrils that flared-, Ilustrator is unforgiven in that way (at least for me it is) I find it very difficult to manipulate the shapes with the same control I have with, say pencil or paint, if I get the shape right then manipulating the gradient to conform with either light, shade or just the right form, becomes a tedious, time-consuming chore. So it's not so much that I eliminate the personal touches, I just can't get Illustrator to do what I want it to, it beats me every time, the end result is never what I imagined from the start, I always have to settle for the closest thing, but Illustrator is good to me when I deal with flat color, that's why I love it.

Gradients are a hit or miss, mainly miss, I hate painting with traditional media so this is the only way I know how to apply color to something.

It really is a very un-natural way of coloring. I wasn't being cute when I said I stopped using illustrator to color my personal work right after this piece was done, I was so frustrated with this, you have no idea, I really do mean it, I'm sticking to the pencil.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, please don't be a stranger.


Elisa said...

You're really great with the caricaturing. I can do a decent portrait but when it comes to exagerating a person's features I seem to fail. I do like all your crazy shapes in the illustrator version, despite the loss of special touches, it's still a really cool look. I really enjoyed your interview as well, and all those cool links (I tried commenting but it didn't work)
Always looking forward to your next post...

Process Junkie said...

Hey Allan, so you know I find Freehand extremely cumbersome, I know thy're both very similar but I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole :) Thanks for the comments.

Elisa: Caricature comes naturally to me, I think mainly because I had a lot of practice ridiculing authority.

We used to live in a dictatorship, mocking the military government officials, teachers and other scum was our favorite pastime, sometimes it was the only way to get back at assholes who were bigger than us, everyone did it at the High School of Fine Arts, the bathroom walls were our canvases, there were no separate facilities for teachers.

Don't worry about not commenting on the posts, this blog is like therapy for me :) I enjoy exorcising the old childhood demons.


Brad Millette said...

You have powers that I just don't understand, Alberto.

Process Junkie said...

Agent Helix! Nice of you to show up,I must say you look very respectable in that photo, almost human:)

Thanks for the nice comments, hope to see you in SD or earlier.

Brad Millette said...

The picture is a carefully crafted facade, I assure you. I'm as non-human as they come.

I'll definitely be in San Diego this year, look forward to seeing you again!