Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Luke Skywalker Blue Print

This is the first character in a 3 way poster.

A fairly simple backround grid was created in Photoshop using the line tool ( an old drawing of the inside of a spaceship was used as template).

The BG layer was duplicated and the second copy was reduced and tweaked to add depth and to force a more acute perspective.

The SW logo was dragged and dropped directly from Illustrator.

A silhouette of "Luke" was drawn using the pen/path tool in Photoshop. The resulting path was selected (from the paths palette) was filled with white in a new layer and placed directly underneath Luke's layer.

"Luke" was scanned in from a blue Col-erase pencil and his layer was set to "darken".

Final.Click on the image below to view the entire illustration.

Luke Skywalker Blue Print



Elisa said...

How great to see your process explained. Thanks!

Process Junkie said...

My pleasure, and I mean that. :)

Jill said...

That was very interesting. Looks fantastic.

alcide said...

great job !!! nice idea to duplicate and reduce the BG layer !! ;-)
- Guillaume

Diego said...