Friday, March 11, 2005

It's Doggone Cold Outside

It's so fucking cold out there, it's no joke! I haven't left the house for what it seems like an eternity, I biked to the grocery store twice this week and I regretted not wearing socks both times. Even Mars the dog is feeling it, he cried like a mofo early in the morning, scratching and jumping up and down, well.. begging to be taken outside.

He was so ready to go out this morning for his customary walk and first shit of the day; as soon as I opened the back door, he saw the hard, icy snow sitting on top of the cement steps leading to the backyard, he poked his head outside for a few seconds and looked around, pondering whether he should venture out, I'm sure as hell he felt the howling wet wind ripping his nostrils apart. I stood a few feet back, holding the leash, waiting for his reaction (I know he hates going outside in the rain), I looked at him, he looked back at me and said "Fuck! I ain't walking out there today, no way man! it's stoopid cold, pull me back in and close the door, fool!" "I'm taking a dump inside today, get me some chow, fill my water dish and hand me the back pages of The VillageVoice"


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